Since October 1, information in CSB databases in LVL and EUR


Starting from October 1, information in the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) webpage databases is reflected in both LVL and EUR; thus CSB is fulfilling the requirement for dual display of prices three months before the euro introduction on 1 January 2014. Data in LVL were recalculated into EUR basing on the fixed exchange rate (1 EUR = 0.702804 LVL); therefore recalculated data may differ from the information published prior, since they were based on the floating exchange rate. Due to the same reason, the recalculated information may disagree also with the data published by international organisations, e.g., Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat).

Data in both currencies are available in long-term (annual) as well as in short-term (monthly, quarterly) databases.Short-term data updated after the October 1 further in databases will be published in both currencies simultaneously. Information reflecting prices covers, e.g., GDP, non-financial investment, enterprise finances, general government sector indicators, average wages etc.

Starting from the first euro introduction day on January 1, information in the CSB databases still will be published in both currencies – EUR and LVL; thus dual display of prices will continue also in 2014.Data series in LVL will be published till the end of dual price display period, after that data in LVL will not be publically available.

The same approach – dual display of prices – will be used also when disseminating information to the mass media. Whereas data in informative publications of the CSB (e.g., monthly bulletin, statistical yearbook and other collections of statistical data) till the end of the year will be indicated in LVL, while starting from the January 2014 – in EUR.

Since the October 1, also a new version of the CSB databases is available. As compared to the previous one, it offers wider variety of charts; moreover for more convenient use of the charts in Word and other documents it will be possible to save diagrams as .jpg files. In addition, all tables are available in two languages – Latvian and English. User is able to change language any time. New database ensures opportunity to arrange selected indicators in ascending or descending order, thus showing the trend already prior developing the chart or converting data into the .excel format.



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