Number of foreign travellers and their expenditure in Latvia has slightly increased in 2012


The number of foreign travellers and their expenditure in Latvia has slightly increased in 2012, according to the results of survey carried out by Central Statistical Bureau. In 2012 foreign travellers crossed the border of Latvia 5.6 mln times, which is 0.6% more than in 2011. Slight increase of the number of travellers was impacted by the decrease of passenger turnover in airport “Rīga” and slight growth of the number of travellers in other kinds of transport.

In 2012 foreign travellers spent 383.6 mln lats in our country, which is 1.1% more than in 2011. The largest amounts in Latvia were spent by overnight travellers from Russia – LVL 63.2 million. Tourists from Sweden spent in Latvia LVL 40.1 million, from Germany – LVL 30.3 million, Norway - LVL 25 million, Lithuania - LVL 19.6 million, but from Great Britain - LVL 17.5 million. On average travellers spent 4 days in Latvia.

„Share of consumption of incoming tourism in exports of goods and services is an important source for Latvia, and it gives significant contribution to gross domestic product of the country. Therefore, even though the increase of the number of travellers and their expenditure is small, it is evaluated as positive”, comments president of the Central Statistical Bureau Aija Žīgure.

Structure of the foreign travellers in breakdown by countries in 2012

72% of the foreign overnight travellers were accommodated in hotels or in other accommodation establishments, but 28% stayed at their relatives or friends. 36% of the travellers came to Latvia for the first time.

Analyzing the number of overnight travellers by countries, and comparing it with 2011, it is obvious that the number of travellers from Sweden increased by 27%, from Estonia - by 18%, from Lithuania - by 6% and from Germany - by 5%.

38% of foreign travellers mentioned recreation as the main purpose of the visit, 27% mentioned business trips and 25% - visit to friends or relatives. As compared to 2011, the number of travellers who mentioned visit to friends and relatives as the main purpose of the visit grew by 6%.

To obtain information on Latvia, foreign travellers use different sources: 26% obtained it from the Internet, 20% - from relatives, friends and acquaintances, 16% – during their previous visits, 14% – from travel guides and mass media, 13% – from previous business trips.

Out of all overnight foreign travellers who crossed the border of Latvia in 2012, 46% used air transport, 31% - motor transport, 13% - sea transport and 10% - railway transport.


Sanda Rieksta
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