A new section in the database Energy consumption in households


The section of the database includes data on fuel used in households, consumption of fuel for cars, electricity and heat energy, costs of energy consumption, as well as, on private transport vehicle (car and motorcycle) stock, as well as, electrical equipment.

The source of the data is the survey Household Energy Consumption in 1996, 2001 and 2006.

First subsection Characteristics of surveyed dwellings and households contains information characterising dwellings – data on outside walling materials, dwelling type and form of ownership, heated space of dwellings and number of persons inhabiting the dwelling, as well as, it includes information characterising households - number of persons living in it and data on households undertaking different economic activities.

Second subsection contains tables on electrical appliances and equipment consuming energy resources used in households. In this subsection information on use of energy meters in households can also be found.

Third subsection Consumption, costs and kinds of payment calculation of energy resources covers information on annual average consumption of electricity, share of separate kinds of energy in total consumption, breakdown of energy consumption in households by kind of use, household energy costs, kinds of payment calculation for space heating and hot water supplied from outside, consumption of hot water per person per year, type of energy resources used for cooking, breakdown of fuelwood consumption by type, ways of obtaining fuelwood, average costs of energy resources.

Fourth subsection Private car stock contains tables on distance covered per year in kilometres, annual average kilometres run per car, total consumption of motor fuels, average motor fuel consumption per 100km, total annual expenses on motor fuels, as well as, indicators related to number of cars in households.