New homepage section - School corner


After the long school summer holidays, along with the beginning of new school year, finding useful information sources is topical both for pupils and teachers. Taking this into account the Central Statistical Bureau has prepared new home page section "School corner".

Main statistical indicators on total area, number of population and ethnic composition, age structure, fertility rates, employment and unemployment, Gross Domestic Product, foreign trade, tourism and other interesting themes are presented in a comprehensive manner. Statistical indicators are carefully chosen taking into account educational plans for geography lessons of the 9th grade.

Easy to understand explanation of terms and colourful layout of statistical tables and charts helps to see the essentials of a subject matter and fosters understanding and analysis of statistical information. In some factsheets school children will be able to calculate data on their own, according to formula provided, in order to deepen the understanding of new concepts.

Teachers will be able to use the material as visual aid in their lessons – it is easy to print and copy (also in black-and-white).

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