On manufacturing turnover in November 2009


Compared to October 2009 manufacturing turnover1 at current prices (according to seasonally adjusted data2) in November 2009 has increased by 0.1%, of which in domestic market - by 1.5% and in exports there was a reduction of - by 1.5%, according to the data of the Central Statistical Bureau.

Most notable growth of the manufacturing turnover was recorded in manufacturing of beverages – 12.1% (rise in domestic market 9.6%, in exports – 19.6%), in repair and installation of machinery and equipment – 12.1% (rise in domestic market 17%, in exports decrease of 11.3%), in manufacture of electrical equipment – 11.8% (rise in domestic market 13.4%, in exports – 10.7%).

But the most significant reduction of the manufacturing turnover was recorded in the manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products – 24.1% (decrease in domestic market – 22.4%, in exports - 24.4%), in the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products – 15.8% (decrease in domestic market – 8.1%, in exports - 18.2%), in manufacture of motor vehicles parts, trailers and semi-trailers – 8.8% (decrease in exports – 10.2%, but growth in domestic market – 11.5%).

Compared to November 2008 industrial turnover in manufacturing (according to working day adjusted data) in November 2009 decreased by 19.5%, of which in domestic market – by 28.1% and in exports – by 6.6%.

Changes of turnover in selected manufacturing sectors
November 2009 as % of November 2008 (working day adjusted data)


More information on seasonally adjusted, working day adjusted and non-adjusted industrial production turnover data is available in data base of CSB.


Prepared by the Industrial Statistics Section
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1 Industrial turnover index is calculated at current prices. This is non-weighted index which characterizes monthly market demand development of industrial goods and services.
2 The influence of varying number of working days in the month and factors of seasonal repetition, i.e., seasonal fluctuations of goods produced in selected economic activities, has been eliminated.