On manufacturing turnover in January 2013


Data of the Central Statistical Bureau show that, compared to December 2012, manufacturing turnover1 (according to seasonally adjusted data at current prices) in January 2013 has decreased by 0.5%, of which in domestic market - by 0.6% and in export - by 0.5%.

Notable turnover reduction in both domestic market and exports was recorded in manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations – of 38.1%, and in other manufacturing (manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies, manufacture of  candles, manufacture of games and toys etc.) – of 15.7%. Whereas in repair and installation of machinery and equipment (repair and maintenance of ships and boats, repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment, installation of industrial machinery and equipment), in manufacture of fabricated metal products, and in manufacture of wearing apparel turnover decrease was due to the sale drop in the domestic market.In comparison with December, turnover rise in both domestic market and export was observed in manufacture of machinery and equipment – of 23.6% (34.1% in domestic market and 17% in export), in manufacture of beverages – of 15% (13.9% in domestic market and 19% in export).

Compared to January 2012, manufacturing turnover in January 2013, according to calendar adjusted data, has increased by 5.7%, of which in domestic market – by 2.3% and in export – by 9.3%.

Changes in turnover of selected manufacturing sectors
January 2013 as % over January 2012 (calendar adjusted data)

More information on seasonally adjusted, calendar adjusted and non-adjusted industrial production turnover indices is available in the CSB data base.


Prepared by the Industrial Statistics Section
Ramona Skakunova


1 Industrial turnover index is calculated at current prices.Index characterises monthly changes in demand for industrial goods and services on the market.