Latvia is the Baltic leader in the number of births registered in 2013


Data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in 2013 as compared to 2012 Latvia was the only Baltic State where the number of births was increasing.  As compared to 2012 there were 699 newborns more registered in Latvia in 2013, while in Lithuania and Estonia this indicator decreased by 574 and 525, respectively. Besides, Estonia has been experiencing this negative trend already for the third year in a row.

Number of live births in the Baltic States: 2010 -  2013







19 781

18 825

19 897

20 596


30 676

30 268

30 459

29 885


15 825

14 679

14 056

13 531

The highest birth rates in the Baltic States were registered in 1986 and 1987 when twice as many babies were born as today. The total fertility rate or the average number of children that would be born to a woman during her lifetime provided that the birth-rate of the given year remains at the previous level in Latvia was 2.2, in Lithuania - 2.1, and in Estonia - 2.3 (desired rate in order to allow normal generational replacement is 2.1 - 2.2 children).   

The current birth rate growth is related to the fact that women born in the late 1980s have reached the average age of mother at the first childbearing (in 2013 - 26.9 years); besides, the share of the women of this age is comparatively large (a similar situation in Estonia and Lithuania). However, the other Baltic States are not witnessing a birth rate increase.

In 2013 the total fertility rate in Latvia increased to 1.52, reaching the Estonian level, where in turn this indicator has been declining over the last few years. Like in Estonia, also in Lithuania the total fertility rate decreased in 2013. Yet it still is higher than in the other Baltic States - 1.59. This indicator is still too low for normal generational exchange in Latvia, as well as in other European countries, where the total fertility rate in 2012 was only 1.57 (the highest in Ireland - 2.05).

Total fertility rate in the Baltic States: 2005 -  2013

Data on the key fertility indicators in Latvia in 2013 are available in the CSB database. Data on Estonia are available in the database of Statistics Estonia. Data on Lithuania are available in the database of Statistics Lithuania.


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