Last year population went on overnight trips in Latvia more often


The results of the survey on the domestic trips of Latvian residents conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau show that the number of overnight recreational and other private trips in 2012 was 3.6 mln, which is 11.8% more than in 2011.

The number of overnight stays in recreational and other private trips in 2012 was 7.7 mln nights. That is 8.5% more than in 2011. Travelling for such purposes the majority of residents (76%) used private lodgings at relatives and friends, in summer cottages, in rented houses and flats, etc.

Recreational trips with overnight stays were mostly preferred by women (55.6%). The majority of travellers (43.5%) were aged 25-44 years. On average travellers spent 2 days on such trips and 23.7 lats during such trip, which is 3.0 lats more than in 2011.

Transport costs comprised one of the largest share of expenditure in overnight trips - 38.0%. The rest of expenditure on food, recreation, culture can also be mentioned, which reached 46.7%. Travellers spent only 8.9% of all expenditure on accommodation. It is explained with that aim of overnight recreational trips in most cases was visit to friends and relatives (55.9%) where accommodation in private lodgings was free of charge, for example, summer cottages, dwelling of friends and relatives, etc. Aim of 31.4% of all overnight trips was recreation. Of all recreational and other private overnight trips most popular destination of trips by the number of nights was Riga and Pieriga region – 36.0%.

Number of recreational trips in 2012 by months (thsd)


The number of overnight business trips in 2012 comprised 160.4 thsd which is less by 27.5% compared to 2011.During a trip one traveller on average spent LVL 50, which is LVL 9.5 more than in 2011. Usually passenger cars were used in the business trips (75.1%). In overnight business trips most popular destination was Riga and Pieriga region (46.4%). 70.0% of all overnight stays in business trips were spent in hotels, motels, guest houses and other collective accommodation establishments.The same as in previous years trend, that mostly men go on business trips, remained (74.5%).

Surveying 9.1 households 17.3 thsd of population aged >15 years were interviewed.

More detailed information on the results and methodology of survey is available in the CSB database Tourism.


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