Key indicators of structural business statistics in 2011


The Central Statistical Bureau has compiled provision structural business statistics data for 2011[1] on production value, value added, gross output, purchase of goods and services, personnel costs and gross capital investments in tangible assets. 

In 2011 enterprises manufactured production with the total value of LVL 17424 million (at current prices), of which the bulk – LVL 6331 million or 36.4% were produced by industrial enterprises and LVL 6031 million or 34.6% by enterprises of the services sector.  In its turn, the value of production of trade and construction enterprises comprised LVL 2844 million (16.3% of the total value) and LVL 2218 million (12.7% of the total value), respectively.

As compared to 2010 the production value of enterprises in 2011 increased by 11.4%, of which in industry – by 15.5%, in construction – by 15.4%, in services – by 9.8% and in trade  - by 3.7%.

Production value by main kind of economic activity in 2010 and 2011 (mln LVL)

Similar to the previous year, also this year the greatest share of value added was produced in the services sector – LVL 2359 million or 41.2% of the total volume calculating at current prices. In its turn, value added produced by enterprises of industrial and trade sector comprised LVL 1692 million (29.5%) and LVL 1265 million (22.1%), respectively. In construction this indicator comprised LVL 413 million or 7.2% of the total volume.

Compared to 2010, value added of enterprises in 2011 grew by 4.8%, of which in construction - by 16.2%, in services - by 6.6%, in trade - by 2.4% and in industry - by 1.7%.

Value added by main kind of economic activity in 2010 and 2011 (mln LVL)

In 2011 the main share of the structure of value added was formed by gross output – LVL 2941 million or 51.3% of the total value added – an increase of 2.1% as compared to 2010. In its turn, personnel costs comprised 48.7% of the total value added – an increase of 7.8% as compared to the previous year.

In 2011 each employed person produced value added in the amount of 10.7 thousand. Compared to 2010 value added per one employee produced by enterprises grew by 6.1%, of which in construction – by 17.2%, in trade – by 9.4% and in services sector – by 6.1%. However, in industry there was a slight decrease of 0.3% recorded. The largest value added per one employee was in industry - LVL 12.8 thousand, followed by services sector - LVL 11.4 thousand, trade - LVL 8.9 thousand and construction – LVL 7.9 thousand.

Vale added per employed person by type of economic activity (thsd LVL)

Enterprise expenditure structure in 2011 shows that the largest expenditure share was formed by costs for purchase of goods and services – LVL 25846 million (at current prices) or 84.5%, which is an increase of 15.9% as compared to 2010. Personnel costs, in its turn, constituted 9.1% and gross capital investment in tangible assets – 6.4% of the total costs, thus increasing by 7.8% and 14.9%, respectively as compared to the previous year.

Expenditure structure of enterprises by main kind of economic activity (%)

More information on business key indicators by kind of activity is available in the CSB data base.


Prepared by Enterprise Finance and Structural Statistics Section
Inga Malašenko

[1] The survey covers all economically active market sector enterprises operating in industry, construction, trade and services, including self-employed natural persons, not covering financial sector enterprises.