In July industrial production output grew by 2.7 %


Data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that, compared to July 2015, in July 2016 industrial production output increased by 2.7 % (according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices). Of which rise in manufacturing accounted for 3.4 %, in electricity and gas supply for 3.2 %, while in mining and quarrying there was a drop of 9.6 %.

The most notable production output increase was recorded in manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products. A significant rise was also recorded in two out of the three manufacturing sectors having the largest share in the industrial production: manufacture of wood and of products of wood (of 3.9 %), and manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment (of 9.2 %). A reduction, in turn, was observed in manufacture of food products (of 3.6 %), repair and installation of machinery and equipment (of 16.2 %), and manufacture of furniture (of 4.2 %).

Compared to June 2016, in July 2016 of industrial production output declined by 1.9 % (according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices). Of which reduction in manufacturing accounted for 1 %, in electricity and gas supply of 3.5 %, and in mining and quarrying of 6.4 %.

Volume index of manufacturing (2010=100)



Changes in industrial production output, %
(at constant prices)



January–July 2016

compared to

January–July 2015

 (calendar adjusted)

July 2016, compared to

June 2016 (seasonally adjusted)

July 2015 (calendar adjusted)

Total production




Mining and quarrying








Manufacture of food products




Manufacture of textiles




Manufacture of wearing apparel




Manufacture of wood and cork articles, except furniture




Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products




Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products




Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment




Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products




Manufacture of electrical equipment




Manufacture of machinery and equipment




Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers




Manufacture of furniture




Repair and installation of machinery and equipment (repair and maintenance of ships and boats, repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment, installation of industrial machinery and equipment)




Electricity and gas supply





Manufacturing turnover

Compared to July 2015, in July 2016 manufacturing turnover decreased by 2.4 % (according to calendar adjusted data at current prices), of which by 3.5 % in domestic market and by 1.1 % in export (drop of 6.2 % in non-euro area, and rise of 6.1 % in euro area).

Compared to June, in July 2016 manufacturing turnover declined by 0.6 % (according to seasonally adjusted data), of which decline of 1.7 % was recorded in domestic market and rise of 0.6 % in export (increase of 5.5 % in euro area and drop of 4.4 % in non-euro area).

Changes in turnover of selected manufacturing sectors in July 2016, as % of July 2015 (calendar adjusted data)

More information on seasonally adjusted, calendar adjusted and non-adjusted industrial production volume and turnover indices is available in theCSB database section Industry.


Methodological explanations

The industrial production volume index describes changes in the volume of industrial production in the reference period compared to the base period. The index is estimated by recalculating production output indicator at constant prices with the help of producer prices.

The industrial turnover index measures monthly development of market demand for industrial goods and services. It is calculated at current prices, not excluding price influence.  Unlike industrial goods that also include unfinished goods and goods in stock, turnover only includes the goods sold and industrial services provided.



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