In January number of children born continues to rise


Provisional data on the natural movement of population compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia show that, in January increase in fertility in Latvia is observed for the fourth year in a row. In January 1800 babies were registered in the country – 70 newborns more than in January of 2013.

Also for the fourth year in a row number of marriages is increasing. In January 453 marriages were registered in the country, which is 40 marriages more than in January 2013. Rise in the number of births and marriages can be explained with that children born in the middle of the eighties have reached age of “marriage” or 25 - 30 years threshold. During 1983-1988 on average 40 thousand children were born each year in contrary to 20 thousand a year during the last few years.

Also decrease in mortality is observed. In January 2730 Latvian residents have passed away. It is almost 400 persons less than in January 2013.

Natural increase in Latvia still stays negative; in January of this year, as the number of deaths exceeded the number of births, population number has dropped by 930 residents (by 1380 persons in January of last year).

Number of births, deaths and marriages in 2011 - January 2014

Data source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Provisional population number in Latvia on 1 February 2014 accounted for 2 million 3.9 thousand.

Data on population number and key demographic indicators are available in CSB database


More information on the number of births, deaths and natural increase in 2013 will be published in the 2nd quarter.


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