Investigation of the income and living conditions of the population of Latvia continues


Within the territory of Latvia in the second half of March of this year the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch already the sixth survey “Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)”. This survey on regular basis is carried out in all Member States of the European Union using common survey methodology. The aim of the survey is to obtain precise and comprehensive information on the income and life conditions of the population of Latvia, risks of social exclusion not only in overall society, but also in separate, but enough typical groups of population (employed, pensioners, families with and without children etc.).

Data of the surveys carried out in 2005-2009 are used in Latvia and in institutions of the European Union. Special attention is paid to various aspects of poverty and material deprivation.

Data of the surveys carried out in 2005-2009 are widely used in Latvia and institutions of the European Union, because European Union and its Member States have strictly undertaken to solve problems related with poverty and social exclusion. Therefore, in EU-SILC survey special attention is paid to various aspects of poverty and material deprivation. CSB informs that based on European Parliament and Council Decision of 2008 the year of 2010 is announced to be the year of the Europe, and in this year particular attention will be paid to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion. Therefore, this year the necessity for the EU-SILC data will increase even more.

Part of the households that participated in the survey in the previous years will be interviewed repeatedly, whereas other part will be included in the survey for the first time.Repeated interviews are necessary because the objective of this survey is to study the changes of the main indicators characterising the living conditions for a period of several years. The survey will allow indicate the main conditions that contribute to the rising welfare level or, on the contrary, have an adverse effect.

In the EU-SILC following questions are included:

- Dwelling conditions and dwelling costs;
- Employment;
- Child care problems of the children aged 12;
- Household income;
- Provision of households with durable goods;
- Household ability to cover different expenses, including expenses connected with dwelling;
- Education level of the household members;
- Health conditions and availability of health services, etc.

Each year EU-SILC survey includes additional block of questions on current subjects (modules) changing every year. This year it will be the distribution of income within household.

The CSB Interviewers Service will carry out the EU-SILC survey.

Two types of interviews will be used – interviewers will visit respondents at their place of residence or the interview will be carried out by telephone.

Before the interviewers visit or telephone interview household will receive letter informing about the planned date of the interview. The informative letter will also include telephone numbers for obtaining additional information.

The survey is already started, and interviewers will finish their work until the end of July.

To reduce the length of the interview, CSB will use the data from registers available to various institutions.

In compliance with the Latvian and European laws concerning the protection of individual data the information provided by the respondents will be published only in an aggregated form excluding the possibility to identify the individual data.


Prepared by the Income and Living Conditions Statistics Section
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