Industrial output in October 2006


According to the data of Central Statistical Bureau, compared to October of the previous year, industrial output rose according to seasonally adjusted data in October 2006 by 3.9%, including 4.6% in processing, 2.3% in electricity, gas and water supply, while it has decreased by 4.8% in mining and quarrying.

Compared to October of the previous year, there was an increase by 3.1% in manufacturing of food products and beverages. Increases could be observed in the following sub-sectors: 17.4% in manufacturing, processing and preserving of meat and meat products; 14.1% in manufacturing of beverages; 5.3% in manufacturing of milk products; 2.2% in manufacturing of grain mill products and of starch and starch products.

On the other side, production amounts have decreased in: processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables by 26.7%; processing and preserving of fish and fish products by 8.7%; in manufacturing of other food products (bread, confectionery and sugar) by 2.9%.

In comparison with October of the previous year, the output in October 2006 increased in the following sectors by: 30.4% in manufacturing of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres; 19.3% in manufacturing of other transport equipment (building and repairing of ships, boats, locomotives, and carriages); 18.8% in manufacturing of textiles; 16.5% in manufacturing of fabricated metal products except machinery and equipment; 7.7% in manufacturing of rubber and plastic products n.e.c; 6.4% in manufacturing of machinery and equipment; 5.6% in publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media; 3.5% in manufacturing of non-metallic mineral products (ceramics, cement, concrete and other products); 2.2% in manufacturing of pulp, paper and paper products; 0.2% in manufacturing of electric machinery and equipment.

The decreases in industrial output were: 7.3% in manufacturing of wearing apparel; 5.9% in manufacturing of wood and articles of wood except furniture; 4.0% in manufacturing of basic metals; 2.2% in manufacturing of furniture; and in other sectors.

Compared to September 2006, industrial output in October 2006 decreased by 1.3%, including 7.5% in mining and quarrying, 10.9% in electricity, gas and water supply, whereas an increase of 1.9% could be observed in. processing

Prepared by the Industrial Statistics Section
Irēna Bekmane