Greetings to Ventspils in its 725th anniversary


Congratulating Ventspils residents with city's 725th anniversary, the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) has compiled characteristics of Ventspils in numbers.

At the beginning of 2015 the number of resident population in Ventspils comprised 36 274. As the number of population in Latvia reduced, also the number of resident population in Ventspils decreased – by 403 residents as compared to the beginning of 2014. Out of all cities under state jurisdiction, the second smallest population density is in Ventspils – 625 persons per one square kilometre (smaller population density is only in Jūrmala – 492 persons per one square kilometre).

In 2014 there were 378 newborns in Ventspils, of which 199 boys and 179 girls. Compared to 2013, the number of newborns has increased by 9.6% or 33 babies.

In 2014, out of all cities under state jurisdiction the second largest average monthly wages and salaries after taxes were in Ventspils – 632 euros. Average wages and salaries as compared to 2013, have grown by 348 euros (in 2014 – 284 euros).

In 2014, 60.5 thsd persons stayed in hotels and accommodation establishments in Ventspils, which is the largest indicator since 2011 when 67.8 thsd visitors stayed there. Out of all visitors 36% or 22.1 thsd were foreign visitors. As compared to 2013 the number of visitors has increased by 14% or 7.3 thsd, of which the number of foreign visitors – by 2% or 0.5 thsd. Both visitors from Latvia and from abroad in 2014 spent in hotels and other accommodation establishments 132.7 thsd nights in Ventspils, which is 3.4 thsd more than in 2013. The largest number of overnight stays in Ventspils was in 2011 – 145.1 thsd nights.

In 2014, port of Ventspils reached passenger transportation record – last year 41.9 thsd passengers arrived by ferry, 1.3 thsd passengers – by cruise ship. As compared to 2013 the number of passengers that arrived by ferry was 44% larger, but the number of cruise ship passengers was 37% larger.

In 2014, 23 496 thsd tons of cargo were loaded at the port of Ventspils, which is 36% of total cargo loaded at the ports of Latvia, and 2 710 thsd tons of cargo were unloaded – 30% of total cargo unloaded at the ports of Latvia. Majority of cargo turnover was comprised by oil products – 57.7% and coal – 22.3%.

77% of Ventspils residents live in apartment buildings, but 18% – in individual houses. 16% of Ventspils residents live in buildings built in pre-war Latvia and earlier, 79% – in buildings built in 1946–1990 and 5% – in buildings built after 1990. Dwellings inhabited in Ventspils on average are 47 years old and their average floor space is 57 square metres.


Grid maps on the age of dwellings in Ventspils and other indicators is available in the CSB homepage in section "Maps and spatial data".


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