Eurostat Peer Review visit to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia


By Eurostat’s initiative the Peer Review visit will take place in the CSB from 29 September till 3 October 2014. Its aim is to evaluate the compliance of the national statistical system with the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice.

In Latvia the peer review applies to the CSB and more 2 chosen national institutions that produce European statistics – the Latvian State Institute of Agrarian Economics (LSIAE) and the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC).

During their visit 3 experts from the statistical offices of EU Member States and Eurostatobserver will meet CSB, LSIAE, CDPC staff members, respondents, data users, academic and media representatives.

The peer review will be carried on by several steps:

1st step – producers of European statistics (CSB, LSIAE, CDPC) fill in self-evaluation questionnaires;
2nd step – the national statistical institution (CSB) prepares and provides documents characterizing the institution and all national statistical system and the description of the current situation;
3rd step – the peer review takes place;
4th step – the peer review report is prepared and approved, stated activities for improvements.

After the visit a report will be prepared that will be available in Eurostat and CSB homepages.

The European Statistics Code of Practice is based on 15 principles that refer to the institutional environment, statistics production processes and results. Every principle has a body of indicators that reflects the good practice and that are used as a reference for reporting about the implementation of the Code. European statistics quality criteria are defined in the Regulation on European Statistics. The Code of Practice principles and general quality governance principles form a common quality framework in the European Statistical System.


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