Eurostat announces public consultation on EU Agricultural Statistics Strategy


Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Union) has launched public consultation on Agricultural Statistics Strategy 2020. The aim of this consultation is to collect views of the users of agricultural statistics on the proposed strategy to improve the availability of agricultural statistics that better match with their needs.

EU agricultural statistics users (representatives of public and private sector, scientists, journalists), information providers or respondents (agricultural holdings and companies, farmers' organisations and related companies), as well as producers of agricultural statistics (official statistical institutes and other public bodies) are invited to express their opinion by 18 November 2015.

The European Commission has developed Agricultural Statistics Strategy 2020, with the aim to improve the statistical data production, which would meet the needs of data users, reducing respondent burden and burden on statistical institutions. The new strategy encompasses improvement of the legal framework of agricultural statistics, clarification and streamlining of concepts and definitions, data quality improvement, meeting of the user needs for new statistics required for policy-making and decision-making process.

More information on EU Agriculture Statistics Strategy 2020 and its public consultation is available in Eurostat homepage:


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