During five years 16 % decline recorded in household energy consumption


Data of the  Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in 2015 gross energy consumption in households, including fuels for transport, comprised 61 912 terajoules (TJ). Compared to 2010, the gross energy consumption has reduced by 16 %.

In 2015, energy consumption in households accounted for 28 % of the Latvian gross energy consumption. The largest share of energy resources consumed in households was constituted by fuelwood (mainly fire wood) and district heating – 41.4 % and 30.4 %, respectively. Electricity comprised 13.7 % of the gross energy consumption, natural gas accounted for 8.9 %, oil products (oven fuel, gasoline, diesel oil, etc.) for heating, hot water and other needs, except for consumption for transport for 2.7 %, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for 1.7 %, and other energy resources (charcoal and other solid fuels) constituted 1.2 %.

Changes in structure of energy consumption in households

Out of the fuelwood consumed in households, fire wood accounted for 85 %, pelleted wood for 11 %, wood briquettes for 2 % and wood waste for 2 %. During the last five years, consumption of pelleted wood has risen 8 times and that of wood briquettes by 17 %, while consumption of fire wood and wood waste has reduced.

In 2015, the average household expenditure on energy resources accounted for 904 euros, and it has declined by 5 % over the five years. Since 2010, the electricity costs in the total expenditure has increased by 34 %, while the costs of other energy resources have diminished or have not changed.

Since 1996, the total heating costs have not changed notably, however, the share thereof in the total household expenditure has reduced from 60 % to 30 %.

In 2015, fuelwood (fire wood, wood briquette, pelleted wood and wood waste) costs accounted for 10.4 % of the total household energy costs, natural gas costs for 9.2 %, LPG costs for 3.0 % and oil product costs for 5.3 %. The costs include Value Added Tax, subscription fee, supply costs and other related payments.  Electricity, natural gas and LPG costs may be formed by balanced payments.

Total household expenditure on energy consumed (thousand euros)

The Survey on Energy Consumption in Households is aimed at finding out the volume of energy resources consumed in Latvia households and the costs thereof. Out of all households surveyed, 35 % were located in Riga, 20 % in largest cities, 17 % in other towns and 28 % in rural areas.

More information on consumption of energy resources in households is available in the CSB database section Energy consumption in households.


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