Domestic trips of Latvian residents in 2011


The results of the survey on the domestic trips of Latvian residents conducted by the Central Statistical Bureau show that there were 13.4 million recreational trips made in 2011, they grew by 1.4% if compared to the previous year.

With the increase of the fuel prices, the distance of the trips decreased, while the number of same day trips grew by 2.2% as compared to the previous year.

The favourite destination for recreational trips was Riga region – 45.9%, followed by Latgale – 14.5%, Kurzeme – 13.6%, Zemgale – 13.1% and Vidzeme – 12.9%.

There were 3.3 million recreational trips with overnight stay made in 2011. The majority (88%) of residents travelling for recreational purposes and staying overnight were accommodated in private lodgings (by relatives and friends, in summer cottages, in rented houses and flats, etc.). Recreational trips with overnight stay were mostly preferred by women (53.9%). The majority of travellers (42.9%) were 25-44 years old. The average length of such trips comprised 2.2 visitor nights and during the trip travellers on average spent LVL 20.7 – an increase of LVL 0.6 as compared to 2010. Transport costs comprised the largest share of expenditure - 39.4%, followed by expenditure for food – 33.1%.

Recreational trips in 2011 by month (thsd)

The number of business trips with overnight stay in 2011 comprised 221.3.8 ths. - a decrease of 1% as compared to 2010. During a business trip one traveller on average spent LVL 40.5. Usually passenger cars were used in the business trips.

The main reasons obstructing people from travelling were financial conditions (50%), lack of time (17%), and lack of interest (8%). 25% of the respondents mentioned other reasons.

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