Delegation from Statistical Office of the European Union has arrived to Latvia


Today and tomorrow, on April 8 and 9, delegation from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) has arrived to Latvia on two day business trip. The meeting is held as a pre-euro accession visit to Latvia, and its attention is focused to general government budget deficit and debt notification issues. Without representatives from the Eurostat, there are also representatives from Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs and European Central Bank in the delegation. The meetings take place in Central Statistical Bureau (CSB).

During the two day visit the following issues will be looked at: transactions of general government sector concerning global financial crisis, taxes accrued and social contributions, accrued interest, dividends and super dividends, guarantees issued by the Central Government, debt assumption, repayment and writing-off of debt, supplement of capital, financial derivatives, financial flows of EU funds, etc.

As mentioned by the chairman of the delegation, Head of Excessive Deficit Procedure section of Eurostat, John Verrinder: „This is a short, but important visit. Thanks to qualitative informative materials previously prepared by Latvian institutions, we are well prepared for it and will be able to give main conclusions and further directions within the next few days.”

Without CSB experts, representatives from the Treasury and Ministry of Finance also take place in the meeting. On separate issues representatives from the Ministry of Transport and joint stock company „airBaltic” will also participate in the meetings regarding supplement of capital in air company, representatives from the Ministry of Welfare – regarding issue on pension reform and representatives from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development – regarding trade of greenhouse gas emissions belonging to the country.

As mentioned before on April 4 President of the CSB Aija Žīgure met director-general of the Eurostat Walter Radermacher to inform on strategic development directions in official statistics of Latvia and to listen for current events in the system of European statistics.


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