CSB will conduct survey on mobility of Latvian population


On 4 September, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia will launch Mobility Survey of Latvian Population 2017. The survey is aimed at acquiring statistically comparable information on population mobility that will be used for territorial and transport planning, environmental protection and other fields.

The CSB will survey 11 000 people aged 15–84 all over the country. The respondents were chosen with the help of random sampling method, and the persons included in the sample will receive an informative letter from the CSB. During the period from 4 to 17 September, respondents are asked to fill in electronic questionnaire at the CSB website (http://e.csb.gov.lv). During this phase, an assistance toll-free number +371 80000098 will be available (on working days from 8.30 to 20.00 o’clock). If due to some reason respondent is not be able to complete the electronic questionnaire, CSB interviewer will contact respondent by phone or visit him/her at the place of residence until 30 November.

Each person included in the sample is asked to describe one day of a week by reporting all travels made within a 24-hour period. The questionnaire contains questions about each movement – when, where to and how, namely, the indicators acquired will be, e.g., the average number of kilometres travelled by one inhabitant of Latvia, the modes of transport used, travel durations and reasons, car and taxi occupation as well as reasons behind the use thereof.

The CSB is asking inhabitants of Latvia to be responsible and take part in the survey thus helping to get a full view on the mobility of Latvian population. The CSB guarantees full confidentiality of the personal data, and the information acquired will be used only in a summarised form.

Surveys on population mobility in other European countries are conducted on a regular basis based on Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Union) recommendations for passenger mobility statistics. The results acquired are used for development, planning and research of territorial, transport, environmental and other fields. The survey is funded from the EU budget within the framework of the project Passenger Mobility and Road Traffic Statistics. The survey results will be published in the 2nd quarter of 2018.




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