CSB is launching Farm Structure Survey 2013


Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) on Monday, August 26, will initiate collection of data for the Farm Structure Survey 2013, providing respondents with an opportunity to submit necessary information in electronic form and do that till September 16.

Farm Structure Survey is a sample survey within the framework of which it has been intended to acquire information on 30 thousand agricultural holdings. Respondents that have been included in the survey sample and e-mail address of which is known to the CSB will electronically receive direct link, user name and password as well as information helping to fill in the questionnaire electronically.

Information in the Farm Structure Survey will be obtained basing on the questionnaire pre-developed by the CSB.

The survey unit is agricultural holding – technically and economically independent unit having common management and producing agricultural products or preserving good agricultural and environmental conditions in the soil.  Holding may produce also non-agricultural products and provide non-agricultural services.

Data of the Farm Structure Survey 2013 are collected by the CSB Agricultural Statistics Section in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC). CSB together with the LRATC will continue collecting information not acquired electronically till the end of December by conducting face-to-face interviews on holdings as well as with the help of telephone interviews conducted by the CSB Preiļi telephone interview centre. The first provisional results of the Farm Structure Survey 2013 will be published in April 2014.

With an aim to reduce respondent burden, it has been planned to collect information also from administrative databases: Animal Register and Organic Farming Statistics Information System managed by the Agricultural Data Centre, and Integrated Administration and Control Systems supervised by the Rural Support Service.

Farm Structure Survey in compliance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1166/2008 is conducted once in three years. The aim of the survey is to provide data users with qualitative and internationally comparable statistical information on structure of agricultural holdings that will be used to evaluate trends of agricultural sector development as well as for agricultural policy planning and assessment.

More information:
Agricultural Statistics Section
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