CSB launches survey on consumption of energy resources in households


This week Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) launches survey on consumption of energy resources in households. Its aim is to determine how much electricity, natural gas, firewood and other energy resources are spent in households in Latvia and what are their expenditure for these resources.The survey lasts until 14 March 2016, and it is planned to survey 11 thousand households in Latvia in this survey.

Residents of those dwellings, who have received letter from the CSB with invitation to participate in survey on consumption of energy resources in households 2015, participate in the survey. Until December 28 residents are invited to fill in questionnaire of the survey electronically on the CSB website https://eintervija.csb.gov.lv. From December 7 to December 28 each day from 8:30 until 20:00toll-free advisory telephone number 80007078 and e-mail energoapsekojums [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv will be working.

If the questionnaire will not be filled in electronically until December 28, CSB interviewer will survey residents of the dwellings in face-to-face or telephone interview from 7 January to 14 March 2016. The CSB invites residents to be responsive and to cooperate with interviewers actively as for acquisition of qualitative data each answer is important.

In the survey following questions will be asked: on the dwelling, electrical appliances and transport vehicles used, as well as on consumption of energy resources, heating and hot water. To be able to answer questions in the survey successfully, the CSB asks residents to prepare in advance utility bills and proof-of-purchase documents for energy resources for 2015 (electricity, natural gas, fuel, firewood, etc.).

Survey on consumption of energy resources in households is carried out once in five years. It includes results in Energy balance of Latvia, which compiles information on energy resources produced in the country, their imports, exports and consumption in households, transport, industrial, agricultural and other sectors in Latvia. Energy balance is used in formation of Latvian energy strategy, planning of energy development scenarios, as well as in Latvian emission quota system.

Results of survey on consumption of energy resources in households 2010 show that in Latvia the largest consumer of energy resources is households – they consume third (31%) of energy resources. From energy resources consumed in households 43% is comprised by firewood, 27% – by heat, 12% – by electricity and 9% – natural gas. Almost every household in Latvia has colour TV (97%) and refrigerator (97%). Automatic washing machine is available in 84% of households, electric kettle – in 67%, but dishwasher – only in 6% of households. In 2010 one household on average spent 193 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per month, which is 29 kWh more compared to 2006.

More information on the results of survey on consumption of energy resources in households 2010 is available in CSB database in section „Consumption of energy resources in households”.


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