CSB continues to research income and living conditions of the population in Latvia


In March of this year, within the territory of Latvia the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch already the ninth survey “Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions” (EU-SILC). The survey will be conducted from March till June, and during this time period it has been envisaged to survey 6.5 thousand households, by individually interviewing 13 thousand persons aged 16 and over. Such survey on regular basis is carried out in all Member States of the European Union using common survey methodology.

The aim of the survey is to acquire comprehensive information on income and living conditions of Latvia population, social exclusion risks in society as a whole and in various resident groups separately. Data of the survey are used to calculate at-risk-of-poverty rate, Gini coefficient, composition and structure of household disposable income, severe material deprivation etc.

The survey questionnaire is changing every year as it is supplemented with questions on topical issues. In 2013 survey form included questions on material deprivation and health status of the population.

The obtained information will be used for statistical purposes in a form of summary tables. The CSB guarantees confidentiality of the acquired information.

The EU-SILC survey will be carried out by the CSB interviewers. Two types of interviews will be used – interviewers will visit respondents at their place of residence or interview will be carried out by telephone. Before the interviewer’s visit or telephone interview household will receive a letter informing about the planned date of the interview. The informative letter will also include telephone numbers for obtaining additional information.


Prepared by the Income and Living Conditions Statistics Section
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