CSB continues to research income and living conditions of the population in Latvia


In March 2012, the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch already the eighth annual survey “The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)” within the territory of Latvia. The survey will take place from March to June. During this period of time it is planned to survey 6.5 thousand households and individually interview 13.5 thousand household members aged 16 and over. This survey is carried out on regular basis in all Member States of the European Union, using common survey methodology.

The aim of the survey is to obtain comprehensive information on income and living conditions of the population in Latvia, risks of social exclusion not only in overall society, but also in separate, but sufficiently typical groups of population. From the survey data, the society will have a possibility to learn about at-risk-of-poverty rate, social exclusion, material deprivation and changes thereof.

In addition to the regual subjects, there is a supplementary block of questions on the current subjects (modules) changing every year. EU-SILC 2012 module is devoted to acquisition of more detailed information on housing conditions and on the offer of the surrounding service sector.

EU-SILC has become a commonly recognised and widely sought-after internationally comparable data source among both - social policy makers and scientists. It is broadly used among scientists not only for evaluating the current situation in households, but also for drafting possible changes to the situation by different conditions in future. EU-SILC is a suitable data source for carrying out such studies and the CSB believes that the number of surveys will grow not only abroad, but also in Latvia.

It is important that the number of households included in the sample is as large as possible. By not taking part in the survey, information about the specific household is lost and thus the statistical portrait of the average Latvian household is not precisely presented.

The obtained information will be used for statistical purposes in form of summary tables. The CSB guarantees confidentiality of the obtained information.

EU-SILC survey will be carried out by CSB interviewers. Two types of interviews will be used – interviewers will visit respondents at their place of residence or the interview will be carried out by telephone. Before the interviewers’ visit or telephone interview households will receive a letter regarding the planned date of the interview. Telephone numbers for obtaining additional information will also be indicated in the informative letter.


Prepared by Income and Living Conditions Statistics Section
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