Computer and Internet usage habits of Latvian population will be found out


In March of this year Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch annual survey “Use of computers and Internet in households”, covering 5.5 thsd households. Such survey is already carried out in Latvia since 2004 to identify development of computer skills of the population and availability of the Internet in Latvia, as well as to estimate it among the European Union countries.

Head of the Economic Policy Division of the National Economy Structural Policy Department Ludis Neiders indicates that survey “Use of computers and Internet in households” allows to estimate progress of the implementation of strategy “Europe 2020” in Latvia. One of the aims of the strategy is availability of ultra-fast broadband Internet in the whole territory of Latvia. Survey carried out by the CSB allows to make conclusions on trends of the use of computers and different situation in regions of Latvia regarding availability of broadband Internet.

CSB is asking residents to be responsive and cooperate with the interviewers, because response of each individual is important in acquisition of qualitative data! Respondents will be asked on the availability of Internet in the household and on the existing types of connection, on the frequency of Internet use among population and their activities, on the purchase of goods and services on the Internet, on the cooperation with central and local governments or public service providers on the Internet, as well as on safety concerns when making purchases on the Internet. This year respondents will also be asked about their e-skills.

Persons included in the survey will receive informative letter indicating time for the interview planned and contact details of the interviewer. Respondent may arrange more suitable time and place for the interview by contacting interviewer previously. At arrival interviewers will show a certificate with a photo. The CSB guarantees confidentiality of the information obtained.

Main results of the survey “Use of computers and Internet in households in 2014”

In 2014, 73% of households had access to the Internet. For comparison, in 2004, only 15% of households had access to the Internet.Most accessible Internet was in households with children.

During 11 years the availability of broadband Internet connection in households has risen almost 15 times. In 2014, 73% of households had broadband Internet connection, but in 2004 it was only in 5% of households.

In 2014, the Internet in Latvia was mostly used for reading on-line news, newspapers and magazines (86%), for using e-mail (84%) and for Internet Banking (75%).

In 2014, 7 out of 10 Internet users (70%) were looking for information on home pages of state and public institutions. In 2008, only approximately each fourth Internet user (24%) used this source of information.

On a regular basis the Internet is mostly used by youth aged 16 to 24 years (97%). But among the older generation (55-74 years) the Internet is used by 42%.

In 2014, 43% of population made purchases on the Internet by ordering goods or services for private needs, in 2013 – 42%, but in 2004 – only 3% of the total population.

In 2014, population purchased wearing apparel and sports goods (48% of total on-line buyers), as well as event tickets (32%) the most on the Internet.

In general women (44%) and persons aged 25-34 years (compared to the rest of age groups) make purchases the most on the Internet.

On the survey

Main aim of the survey “Use of ICT in households” is to ensure Latvian and foreign data users with qualitative and comparative international statistics on the use of computers and the Internet in households. The survey is being carried out on a regular basis in all European Union member countries using united methodology.

More detailed information on the use of information and communication technologies in households is available in the CSB database in section „Information technologies”.

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