As compared to males, females daily tend to consume more fruit and vegetables


Provisional results of the European Health Interview Survey conducted by Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that eating habits of males and females still differ notably. In 2014, 46 % of females and 32 % of males were eating fruit at least once a day, whereas vegetables (except potatoes) daily were consumed by 47 % of females and 37 % of males. Data of 2008 show that eating habits differ among males and females in all EU countries, which have conducted European Health Interview Survey (EHIS).

In 2014, on daily basis fruit were consumed by 40 % of Latvia residents, and vegetables – by 43 %. The main share of fruit and vegetables is consumed by males aged 35–44 and females aged 35–64, as well as elderly people (aged over 65).

The higher socio-economic indicators of population (related to education, income, and employment), the healthier eating habits thereof. It may be seen also in statistics on daily eating habits of Riga region population. Riga region population every day are consuming greater amount of fruit and vegetables (by 6.1 and 6.8 percentage points more than on average in Latvia).

In line with the guidelines "Dietary Guidelines for Adults. Summary." developed by the Ministry of Health (available at (in Latvian): the amount of fruit and vegetables advisable daily comprises at least 400 g or 5 portions. Data compiled by the CSB allow concluding that in Latvia five portions of fruit and vegetables daily are eaten only by 11 % of adults (13 % of females and 9 % of males).

Data on daily consumption of fruit and vegetables in 2014 were acquired within the framework of the EHIS. The survey covered 7 thousand Latvia residents aged 15 and over.

The EHIS aims at acquiring information on European Union (EU) population self-perceived health, lifestyle, as well as use and availability of health care services in relation to population socio-economic indicators. The survey was conducted in all EU countries, as well as in Iceland and Norway; the data acquired within the survey will be used for socio-economic policy planning in each member state separately and EU as a whole.


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