On average purchase prices of round timber in 2nd half of 2011


Information on average purchase prices of round timber compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau show that, due to the stable domestic and foreign demand in market of both coniferous and deciduous trees, round timber purchase prices in the 2nd half of 2011 have remained at previous year's level and varied insignificantly.
Compared to the purchase prices of 1st half 2011, average purchase prices of round timber in 2nd half of 2011 have varied on average by 1 LVL/m3 or within 2%.
Purchase prices of pine sawlogs, if compared to the previous period, have reduced slightly - by 2-3%.
Within the spruce sawlog segment comparison with the previous half-year show a insignificant growth of the average purchase prices of the most demanded assortments (with diameter 14-26 cm), whereas purchase prices of large dimension spruce logs have increased by 6%.
Situation in the birch sawlog market has been stable, there purchase prices for assortment with diameter 18-24 cm have risen only by 1.3 LVL/m3.
Purchase prices of black alder sawlogs have diminished on average by 4%.
Average purchase prices of asp sawlogs have grown on average by almost LVL 1 for both assortments.
Birch veneer log prices, in comparison with the previous period, have increased depending on assortment - by LVL 1-2/m3 or 3-6%, respectively.
Packing timber segment witnessed a purchase price reduction of 3%.

Purchase prices of coniferous tree sawlogs LVL/m3


Purchase prices of deciduous tree sawlogs, veneer logs and packing timber LVL/m3


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