On average purchase prices of round timber in 1st half of 2012


Information on average purchase prices of round timber compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau show that, in 1st half of 2012, average purchase prices of coniferous tree round timber fluctuated between 1-2 LVL/m3, as compared to the 2nd half of 2011. Shoulder season, characteristic with reduction in timber orders and price stagnation or drop at the end and beginning of the year, has influenced purchase prices of round timber in the 1st half of the year. Separate enterprises diminished purchase prices of thin coniferous trees and packing timber. Packing timber segment witnessed a purchase price drop of 5%.

In the birch timber market a slight price increase (of 9%) in the thick timber segment was observed.

Prices of A category birch veneer logs, if compared to the previous period, have grown by 1.9 LVL/m3 or by 4%. In April and May almost no birch veneer log purchases were made, because timber felled during this time period does not meet quality requirements of the producers (only timber felled in winter is purchased), therefore slight rise in the highest quality birch veneer log prices was recorded. Due to the enterprises purchasing larger timber volumes, purchase prices of B category veneer logs have risen only slightly.

Average purchase prices of thin asp sawlogs have reduced by 2.5 LVL/m3, while thick black alder segment witnessed a rise of 5%, and that can be explained with the unpredictable situation in local and European markets, forcing enterprises to work under changing market conditions. One of the key factors influencing price is the producer competitiveness in the corresponding region.

Woodworking experts estimate that, along with the gradual reduction in round timber stock, in the 2nd half of the year purchase prices may grow. 

Currently due to the low purchase prices of pulpwood, coniferous tree cutting areas are felled less, resulting in insufficient availability of coniferous tree sawlogs. To attract private forest owners, several largest sawmills have announced purchase price increase of 2-3 LVL/m3.

Purchase prices of coniferous tree sawlogs


Purchase prices of deciduous tree sawlogs, veneer logs and packing timber


Prepared by the Environment and Energy Statistics Section
Maija Norenberga