In April 2 2013 regular survey „Use of computer and Internet in households” will be launched


In April 2 of this year Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch annual survey “Use of computers and Internet in households”, and the survey will take place until June 28. Within the framework of the survey households will be asked about the use of computer and Internet.

Households consisting of at least one person aged 16 – 74 years will be surveyed. Addresses for the survey were selected with the random sampling method.

Before the survey will be launched household will receive a letter and a small informative leaflet. Depending on the kind of interview indicated in the letter, the interviewer will call or upon arrival will present an identity card with a photo. In case of face-to-face interview respondent may arrange more suitable time for the interview by calling to the number indicated in the letter. The duration of the interview will comprise approximately 10 minutes per person.

CSB interviewers obey the Personal Data Protection Law and Official Statistics Law and do not reveal the information disclosed to them in the course of duties.

Summarized data obtained in the result of the survey will provide Latvian and foreign data users with qualitative and internationally comparable statistical information on the use of computer and Internet in households and by individuals in the country, and will be used to plan development opportunities in the sector. Everyone will be able to study the results of the survey in the beginning of October on the database of CSB home page Results of the surveys carried out in previous years are available in the CSB publication “On the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households in 2012”, on the data base of CSB home page and in the Statistical Yearbook of Latvia. Statistical data on information and communication technologies are also available in the data base of Statistical Office of the European Communities Eurostat home page ( 

CSB is asking residents to be responsive and cooperate with the interviewers, because response of each individual is important in acquisition of qualitative data.

The survey is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission.


Prepared by Trade and Services Statistics Section
Ineta Kromane