Annual Baltic Steering Committee Meeting


Annual Baltic Steering Community meeting is held on May 30 and 31, and this year it takes place in the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB).

On behalf of Latvia the event is attended by Aija Žīgure, CSB President, and Kaspars Misāns, CSB Vice President. Statistical institutions of the neighbouring counties are represented by Andres Oopkaup, Director General of Statistics Estonia, and Vilija Lapėnienė, Director General of Lithuanian Department of Statistics.

The meeting covers appraisal of the Draft Cooperation Plan as well as discussions on topical issues, e.g., upcoming EU Council Presidency and role of statistical institutions in it; moreover, country representatives are exchanging opinions on certain amendments to the Regulation No 223/2009. During the meeting Baltic Steering Committee members are telling about the recent news on the development of statistical offices and strategies thereof as well as sharing the best experience in the statistical projects undertaken.

Center Aija Žīgure, CSB President, left Vilija Lapėnienė, Director General of Statistics Lithuania, right Andres Oopkaup, Director General of Statistics Estonia