Aija Žīgure: The new statistics law will support CSB as the leading statistical body


On Tuesday, June 3, the Cabinet of Ministers will review draft law "Statistics Law" prepared by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) which, after approval in Saeima, will come into force instead of State Statistics Law adopted in 1997.

President of the CSB Aija Žīgure: "The new law will support CSB as the leading statistical body and will enlarge the use of administrative data source in obtaining statistics. At the moment our statistical system is decentralized, because a number of state institutions are involved in data collection, processing and analysis. The new law determines greater impact for the institution within the framework of national statistical system."

The aim of the law is to determine institutional and organizational framework for creation, activity and development of official statistics provision system. The leading body providing statistics is CSB. It means CSB's methodological aid to other statistical institutions; it is also related to the CSB as control point of the European Commission in Latvia in statistics-related issues.

The law determines structure of statistics provision system, rights and obligations of statistical institutions, as well as their mutual cooperation and cooperation with other state institutions in provision of official statistics. The law stipulates rights and obligations of natural persons and state institutions in provision of official statistics, etc.

The law also stipulates formation of Statistics Council. It will consist of 12 members who will represent data submitters, users, scientists, planners, teaching stuff and statistical experts. Latvia is the only member state of the European Statistical System which has no such institution coordinating cooperation of parties involved in statistics. Statistics Council will be consultative institution which, independently of statistical institutions, will ensure evaluation of statistical issues both from users and institutions side.

What concerns the increasing administrative data use in obtaining statistics, in the future needs of statistical institutions must be taken into account in creation of new registers. Also cooperation with administrative registers is determined in the law, which will give rights to the CSB to cooperate with administrative data holders. Using administrative data will allow to reduce respondent burden and statistics preparation costs, as well as to improve quality of the data received. For example, it is foreseen to carry out the following Population and Housing Census in 2021 using only administrative data sources and information obtained from regular surveys carried out by the CSB, giving up population surveys on the Internet or at place of their residence as it was done in Population and Housing Census in 2011.

In accordance with the new law, the National Programme of Statistical Information in the future will be prepared and confirmed for three years correspondingly budget planning of average term instead of current one year.

Along with the new statistics law coming into force on 1 January 2015 the existing State Statistics Law, the Law on Population Census and many regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers will become void. The new law does not concern statistics of the Bank of Latvia, which is ensured accordingly law "On the Bank of Latvia".


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