On Agricultural Census 2010


Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) in 2010 carries out the largest statistical survey on agriculture – Agricultural Census. It is carried out once in a 10 years in all Member States of the European Union.

In Agricultural Census it has been planned to survey totally 90 thousand farms, of which information on agricultural production methods used in farms will be acquired from 20 thousand farms.

The first stage of the information acquisition for the Agricultural Census 2010 took place in April and May of this year, and then the interviewers of the CSB surveyed the EU area payment applicants in Regional Agricultural Boards and Sectors of the Rural Support Service, where the farmer applications for the area payments were received. Acquisition of the information in such a way saved both time and state financial resources. In the first stage of the Agricultural Census information from 38.3 thousand farms was obtained.

On July 1, 2010 CSB in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC) initiates the second stage of the information acquisition for the Agricultural Census. Within the framework of this stage the interviewers of the LRATC in July and August will visit farms on which information in spring was not obtained and will take the interviews in farms.

Smaller farms (totally approximately 8 thousand) from July till the end of the September will be surveyed by telephone with the help of the CSB Telephone Interview Centre.

In the result of the Agricultural Census the statistical information users will be ensured with the information on situation in Latvian agriculture generally: land use, number of livestock, systems of organic farming, agricultural structures and technical machinery and equipment used in farms, employed in agriculture, as well as other economic activities. Results acquired in Agricultural Census will be used for analysis of situation in Latvia, as well as for further planning and implementation of EU Common agricultural policy.

In accordance with the Law on State Statistics the individual data on each person and farm acquired in Agricultural Census will be confidential. Acquired data will be used only for statistical purposes and summaries, data grouping and analysis of agricultural processes in Latvia and regions.

CSB would like to express gratitude to farmers, which provided information, Rural Support Service and Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre for the cooperation and support, as well as hopes for the further responsiveness and understanding in progress of the Agricultural Census.

Consultations in Agricultural Statistics Section of the CSB by telephone 67366896 and 28637804.


Prepared by the Agricultural Statistics Section
Anita Raubena
Tel. 67366977