On Agricultural Census 2010


In April 2010 in Latvia Agricultural Census and Survey of Agricultural Production Methods will be started, which will be carried out in accordance with EU legislation. Agricultural Census will be carried out in all Member states of the European Union.

As a result of Agricultural Census the users of statistical information (state institutions, scientific institutions, educational institutions, non-governmental institutions and society) will able to find detailed information on situation in agriculture field. Results acquired in Agricultural Census will be used for analysis of situation in Latvia, as well as for further planning and implementation of EU Common agricultural policy.

Information obtained in Agricultural Census is necessary for objective substantiation of new direct payment funding revision criteria determination in Latvia discussions with the European Commission on distribution of direct payments.

The progress of Agricultural Census will be supported by the Ministry of Agriculture (Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC) and Rural Support Service (RSS).

Agricultural Census will be started in April and will continue until the mid-September. It has been planned to survey 90 thousand farms, of which information on agricultural production methods used in farms will be acquired from 20 thousand farms.

In Agricultural Census following information on farms will obtained:

- general information on farm, its owner and manager;
- land use;
- number of livestock;
- systems of organic farming;
- agricultural structures and technical machinery and equipment used (including devices for the production of renewable energy);
- employed in agriculture;
- other economic activities.

The aim of the Survey of Agricultural Production Methods is to acquire information characterising agro-environment:

- methods used for the soil treatment and activities undertaken to maintain the soil fertility;
- information on animal housing and manure storage facilities;
- irrigation methods used in the farm.

The interviewers of the CSB will start the collection of Agricultural Census information in April 2010 in premises of RSS regional agricultural departments (RAD) and sectors. Farmers, who will be applicants of EU area payments, when submitting the application to the Rural Support Service, are asked to give information to the CSB interviewers for the needs of Agricultural Census, thus saving own time and financial means of the country. In order to be able to get ready for the interview, together with area payment application forms farmers will receive the examples of Agricultural Census questionnaire forms and informative letter.

Farmers, who when filling in the application forms will consult LRATC regional rural development specialists, in the same time will be able to submit the information necessary for the Agricultural Census.

Farms, from which information will not be received in spring, will be visited by the LRATC interviewers and surveyed in July and August, as well as until the mid-September the interviewers of the CSB Telephone Interviews Centre will survey the farms by telephone.

Starting with July it will be possible to fill in the questionnaire form of the Agricultural Census in the CSB webpage in electronic form.

In accordance with the Law on State Statistics the individual data on each person and farm acquired in Agricultural Census will be confidential. Acquired data will be used only for statistical purposes and summaries, data grouping and analysis of agricultural processes in Latvia and regions.


Prepared by the Agricultural Statistics Section
Anita Raubena
Tel. 67366977