Agricultural area in holdings is growing


Provisional data of the Farm Structure Survey 20161 compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that, over the three recent years the average agricultural area on average managed per holding has grown by 19.6 %.

The size of Latvian agricultural holdings is increasing – in 2016, the utilised agricultural area in one holding exceeded that recorded in 2013 by 19.6 % and that registered in 2010 by 27.9 %. The total sown area of agricultural crops on average per holding has grown as well – from 12.5 ha in 2010 to 14.0 ha in 2013 and 17.4 ha in 2016. Compared to 2013, in 2016 the sown area of agricultural crops on average per holding increased by 24.3 % and, compared to 2010, by 39.2 %.

Average size of agricultural holding (hectares)


Comparison of the results acquired with those of the previous Farm Structure Surveys shows that the areas of grain in grain holdings are increasing. In 2016, one grain holding on average was growing 30.4 ha of cereals or 23.1 % more than in 2013 and 51.7 % more than in 2010. The average area of industrial crops grown in holdings engaged in production of such crops reduced from 57.0 ha in 2010 and 55.4 ha in 2013 to 51.1 ha in 2016. Compared to 2013, in 2016 the area of industrial crops on average per holding has declined by 7.7 %.

Crop area on average per holding growing agricultural crops (hectares)


The number of livestock on average per holding keeps rising – on 1 July 2016, one livestock holding was breeding on average 18 cattle, of which 9 dairy cows, 52 pigs, 35 sheep, 7 goats and 226 poultry.

Number of livestock on average per holding breeding livestock

In 2016, there were 69.9 thousand economically active agricultural holdings2 (with utilised agricultural area exceeding 1 ha or standard output3 exceeding 70 euros, regardless the area), which were managing 1920.1 ha of the utilised agricultural area. As the agricultural area in holdings grew, since 2010 the number of agricultural holdings has dropped by 13.5 thousand or 16.2 %. Over the three recent years, the number of economically active holdings has reduced by 14.6 %. During the six recent years, the utilised agricultural area in holdings has increased by 120.0 thousand ha or 6.7 %.

Farm Structure Survey 2016 is a sample survey, within the framework of which information was acquired on 30 thousand agricultural holdings.

The final results of the Farm Structure Survey 2016 will be published in the CSB database at the end of December 2017.

Results of the previous Farm Structure Surveys are available in the CSB database section Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.


Methodological explanations

1 The survey is conducted in all European Union and European Economic Area countries once in three years. The previous survey was conducted in 2013.

2 Economically active holding – agricultural holding producing agricultural goods regardless of the volume of production and type of their use, or preserving good agricultural and environmental conditions in the soil.

3 Standard output (SI) –standard indicator characterising the economic activity of agricultural holding, i.e., value acquired from one hectare of agricultural crops or one livestock head (unit), estimated at prices of thecorresponding region and expressed in euros.




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