On Adult Education Survey


In September of this year the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will launch the second Adult Education Survey. Such survey is carried out in all European Union member states. The aim of the survey is to acquire information on adult population education activities in Latvia, on fields of education in which adults are participating the most as well as on reasons behind learning and education opportunities.

During the nowadays society development process the knowledge and their use is changing rapidly as well as competences necessary in labour market and society generally. Therefore more independent and more significant role along with the formal education is taken by non-formal education and informal learning, regardless the age of the learner and level of formal education successfully completed. Formal education, non-formal education and informal learning in life-long learning policy are equally significant and supplement each other.

The first Adult Education Survey was conducted in 2007. According to the survey results 30.7% of Latvia adult population (aged 25-64) participated in non-formal education and 5.4% - in formal education. 84% of the population participated in non-formal education because of the work. Survey results showed that large part of Latvia population (67.3%) did not participate in education activities. Main reasons mentioned were too high costs and the fact that training conflicted with the work schedule.

The survey of 2011 engage 9000 respondents all around Latvia, and they were selected with the help of united sample survey methodology developed by the Statistical Office of the European Commission (EUROSTAT). Before the survey respondents will receive informative letter on the aims of the survey and visit of the CSB interviewer.

The information acquired in the survey will be published only in summarised form.


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