890.5 thsd persons were employed in July 2015; unemployment rate remains unchanged


Seasonally adjusted monthly estimates of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that in July 2015 there were 890.5 thsd employed persons in Latvia, which is 0.4% less than in June 2015. Unemployment rate in June and July was 10.1%, and the number of employed persons has not changed since June, accounting for 100 thsd persons.

Seasonally adjusted monthly employment and unemployment estimates, thsd

Data source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

In order to timely identify changes in the labour market as of 1 September 2015 the CSB publishes seasonally adjusted monthly estimates on the number of employed population, unemployed persons and unemployment rate among persons aged 15–74 years. Monthly estimates are available in breakdown by sex and for the period starting from January 2002. Employment and unemployment monthly estimates are carried out in all European Union Member States.

The CSB obtains monthly employment and unemployment estimates on the basis of monthly data of the State Employment Agency on the number of registered unemployed persons and CSB Labour Force Survey quarterly estimates. 

Seasonally adjusted monthly employment and unemployment estimates are published in accordance with the CSB Advance Release Calendar. In accordance with the methodology of monthly estimates, data of the previous periods are also recalculated when adding data of the new period.

Seasonally adjusted monthly employment and unemployment assessments are available in the CSB data base section Employment and Unemployment, more detailed methodological information is available in the CSB home page section Methodological Information.


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