In 2014 enterprises manufactured production with the total value of EUR 28.3 bln


According to the provisional structural business statistics data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau on the performance results of economically active market sector enterprises, in 2014 enterprises manufactured production with the total value of EUR 28.3 bln (at current prices).

The largest share of total production value was generated by services sector (EUR 10.0 bln or 35.2%) and industry (EUR 9.3 bln or 32.8%). Production value manufactured by trade enterprises last year accounted for EUR 4.9 bln or 17.3% of the total value, and construction enterprises manufactured production in the amount of EUR 4.2 bln (14.7%).

In 2014 the greatest share of value added was generated in services sector – EUR 4.3 bln or 41.9% of the total volume calculating at current prices. Value added generated by enterprises of industrial and trade sector reached EUR 2.8 bln (27.1%) and EUR 2.3 bln (22.4%), respectively; value added of construction enterprises accounted for EUR 0.9 bln or 8.6%.

In 2014 each person employed produced value added in the amount of EUR 17.0 thsd. The highest value added per person employed was registered in industry - EUR 20.1 thsd, followed by services sector - EUR 17.6 thsd, trade - EUR 14.7 thsd and construction EUR 13.4 thsd.

The largest expenditure share was formed by costs for purchase of goods and services – EUR 41.9 bln (at current prices) or 83.5% of total costs. In turn, personnel costs accounted for EUR 5.3 bln (10.5% of total costs) and gross investment in tangible goods in 2014 reached EUR 3 bln or 6% of total costs.

Expenditure structure of enterprises in 2014 by main kind of economic activity (%)

Data source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Data of the structural business statistics survey collect performance results of economically active market sector enterprises operating in industry (NACE 2. red. B-E), construction (NACE 2. red. F), trade (NACE 2. red. G) and services sector (NACE 2. red. H-N, S95; except finance sector K).

More information on enterprise key indicators by main kind of economic activity (production value, value added, gross operating surplus, purchase of goods and services, personnel costs, gross investment in tangible goods) is available in the CSB database section Structural Business Statistics.


Final structural business statistics data will be available after 30 June 2016.


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