On 2 September the CSB will take up Population Microcensus


On 2 September 2015 Central Statistical Bureau will take up Population Microcensus, aim of which is to determine how precise official statistics reflects number of population in Latvia, in cities under state jurisdiction and counties.

The CSB has selected 15 thsd dwellings in Latvia and in Population Microcensus 2015 will determine how many residents live in these dwellings. Residents of dwellings, which received letter from the CSB with invitation to participate in Population Microcensus 2015, will participate in the survey.

From 2 September until 15 September residents will be able to fill in questionnaires online in the CSB homepage https://eintervija.csb.gov.lv. If the questionnaire will not be filled in online, until 15 December the CSB interviewer will survey residents of the dwelling in telephone interview or in person.

In Population Census 2011, 2 070 371 person was counted in the territory of Latvia. During the last four years number of population of Latvia has reduced by 88.5 thsd. The number of population grew only in 9 of 110 counties, and they all are counties in Pierīga region. The largest decrease of the number of population is in Latgale region (by 7.7%).

Since the beginning of 2011, in the result of international long-term migration, the number of population of Latvia has reduced by 54.8 thsd, in the result of natural movement – by 33.7 thsd. During this period of time 97.0 thsd persons have emigrated from Latvia, but 42.2 thsd persons – immigrated to Latvia. During the last years about 65% of immigrants were Latvian residents that returned from abroad.

Population Census 2021 in Latvia will be a new approach in compilation of population data which corresponds to best practice of statistics of European countries. In the future population will not be surveyed in Population Census. All information needed CSB will obtain mainly from administrative registers, including part of questions from the questionnaire in other CSB surveys.  Thus Population Census data will be available faster to data users, and costs of data collection will significantly reduce.

Population Microcensus 2015 is included in the Activity plan for preparation and organization of Population and Housing Census 2021 (confirmed with Order No. 280of the Cabinet of Ministers of 02.06.2015), and legal basis for carrying it out is State Programme of Statistical Information for 2015 (Regulations No. 767 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 16.12.2014) and State Statistics Law. Overarching objective is to ensure successful settlement of Regulation (EC) No 763/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 on population and housing censuses in 2021.

More information on Population Microcensus 2015 is available here: www.csb.gov.lv/skaitisana


Toll-free Population Microcensus advisory telephone number: 80000320
E-mail: skaitisana [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv
Working hours of advisors: from 2 September until 15 September each day from 8:30 until 20:00; from 16 September until 15 December on working days from 8:30 until 17:00.


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