In the 1st quarter of 2016, construction volume decreased by 19 %


The latest data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that, as compared to the corresponding period of 2015, in the 1st quarter of 2016 construction production (volume) reduced by 19 %, according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices. Construction production at current prices accounted for 203.4 million euros.

Construction of buildings went down by 7.9 %, of which construction of residential buildings dropped by 25,1 % and construction of non-residential buildings – by 0.7 %. Due to the decrease of 74.8 % in volume of bridges, elevated highways, and tunnels constructed, of 27.2 % in construction of harbours, waterways, dams and other waterworks, of 25.7 % in construction of highways, streets and roads, airfield runways, and railways, as well as of 20.3 % in construction of pipelines, communication and electricity lines, construction of civil engineering structures diminished by 38.7 %. Building of complex constructions on industrial sites grew by 63.6 % and construction of local pipelines and cables – by 48.7 %.

Compared to the previous quarter, in the 1st quarter of 2016, due to the reduction in construction of civil engineering structures of 35 %, construction volume dropped by 7.1 % (according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices).

Index of Production in Construction
(2010 = 100)


Construction production and changes thereof


Total (at current prices, million euros)

Q1 2016,

compared to

4th quarter of 2015,% (seasonally adjusted data at constant prices)

1st quarter of 2015,% (calendar adjusted data at constant prices)





Residential buildings, total




Non-residential buildings, total




Hotels and similar buildings




Office buildings




Wholesale and retail trade buildings




Production buildings and warehouses




School, university and research buildings




Hospital or institutional care buildings




Civil engineering structures, total




Highways, streets, roads, airfield runways, railways




Bridges and tunnels




Harbours and dams




Pipelines, communication and electricity lines




Local pipelines and cables





In the 1st quarter of 2016, 369 building permits were issued (the term permits granted in construction statistics indicates the number of records in a building permit regarding compliance with the requirements for initiation of construction) for construction, capital repair, reconstruction, and restoration of single-dwelling buildings with total floor space of 70.7 thousand m2. Out of the total number of building permits granted, 251 permits were issued for construction of new buildings with the intended floor space of 49.2 thousand m2.

56 building permits were granted for construction of industrial buildings and warehouses with the intended floor space of 61.1 thousand m2. The largest share of building permits issued for the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses was granted for new construction – 31 permits and 20.5 thousand m2 of intended floor space.

More information on construction production indices and building permits issued for construction of buildings is available in the CSB database section Construction.


Methodological changes

Starting from this period, the data on construction production are seasonally and calendar adjusted with software JDemetra+. When moving to the software JDemetra+, CSB will not change the time series seasonal adjustment methodology used till now. Still the TRAMO/SEATS method for data adjustments and calendar of national holidays in Latvia will be used; moreover, as new data are added to time series, the whole seasonally adjusted time series will be recalculated.  More information on data calculation methodology is available in CSB website: Key Indicators — ConstructionMetadata.


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