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The value of export of foodstuffs included in the Russian embargo list accounted for 52.8 mln euros in 2013, and reached 38.5 mln euros in the 1st half of 2014.
However, the share of these products in the total Latvian export in the first six months of 2014 accounted for only 0.8%.


Compared to May manufacturing turnover in June decreased by 0.9%, of which drop of 1.9% in domestic market and growth of 0.3% in export.


Annual consumer price growth in July 0.6%. Compared to June – decline of 0.4%. 


Compared to May industrial production volume in June dropped by 1.3%; of which in manufacturing – by 1.3%, and in mining and quarrying – by 9.4%. Electricity and gas supply witnessed a growth of 2.1%. 


New data have been published in sections: Natural resources; Business Tendency; Wages and salaries;Education; Social security; Trade and services; Industry; Crop production; Livestock; Forestry.


Analysis of the Household Budget Survey data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia shows that in 2013 refrigerators, TV sets and mobile phones were the most popular durable goods used by households.


Compared to May, retail trade turnover in June dropped by 0.4%. Retail trade in food products reduced by 1.8%, whereas of non-food products - rose by 0.4%.


New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Population; Tourism; Energy.


Compared to May, level of construction costs in June 2014 decreased by 0.1%. Compared to June 2013, average level of construction costs grew by 0.7%.


Compared to May, producer prices in June rose by 0.6%. Both prices of products sold on the domestic market and prices of exported products increased by 0.6%.

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