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New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Gross domestic product; Business Tendency; Enterprises finance; Investment; Employment and unemployment; Minimum income level; Education; Crime and justice; Health care and sport; Housing conditions; Trade and services; Industry; Transport; Foreign trade; Crop production; Livestock.


2015 monthly housing costs grew by 4.4 percentage, reaching EUR 142 per household. However, the share of housing costs in household disposable income has reduced.


In 2015 as compared with 2014 the total volume of freights carried in main transport sectors decreased 2 %. The most rapid drop was recorded in national freights carried by road - of 2.4 mln tons or 4.7% as compared with 2014.


Compared to December 2015, in January 2016 total retail trade turnover increased by 1.8 %. Compared to January 2015, the turnover has went up by 3.0 %.


Compared to December 2015, in January 2016 level of construction costs in Latvia grew by 0.1 %. Maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment went up by 0.6 %, labour remuneration of workers – by 0.5 %, whereas prices of building materials decreased by 0.3 %.


In 2015, as compared with 2014, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 2.7%. In 2015 GDP at current prices was 24.4 bln euros, and at constant prices - 21.4 bln euros..


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Business Tendency; Enterprises finance; Employment and unemployment; Personal income; Wages and salaries; Tourism; Energy.

As of 26 February 2016 table order and table codes have been changed for wages and salaries tables: Wages and Salaries.


In 2015 average monthly gross wages and salaries in the country reached EUR 818. Average gross wages and salaries rose by 6.8 % or by EUR 52, retaining the increase rate recorded in 2014.


With an aim to improve quality of the seasonally adjusted data in official statistics within 2016 CSB will gradually move to oftware JDemetra+. With the help of JDemetra+ CSB will be able to provide data users with seasonally adjusted data of a higher quality.


From March till the end of June 2016, CSB will conduct survey on income and living conditions. The survey aims at obtaining comprehensive information on population income, material deprivation, housing conditions, education and health.

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