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Compared to December of the previous year, in December 2016 the level of construction costs in Latvia increased by 0.4 %. Labour remuneration of workers grew by 3.5 %, maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment rose by 1.1 %, whereas prices of building materials decreased by 1.1 %.


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Producer prices; Gross domestic product; Population; Monetary poverty and income inequality; Personal income; Tourism.


In the academic year 2016/2017 the number of students studying in higher education institutions of Latvia accounted for 82.9 thousand, indicating a decline of 2 %. Currently in Latvia there are 56 higher education institutions – 30 universities and 26 colleges.


In December 2016, compared to December 2015, the average level of producer prices fell by 0.8 %. Prices of products sold on the domestic market dropped by 1.1 %, whereas prices of exported products decreased by 0.6 %.


Compared to 2014, in 2015 household disposable income1 increased by 7.6 %, reaching 417 euros per household member monthly. Compared to the increase recorded in previous years – 9.3 % in 2014 and 10.7 % in 2013 – the income growth rate has slowed down slightly.


Compared to 2014, in 2015 the most rapid household disposable income growth – of 10.6 % – was observed in the poorest households (belonging to the 1st quintile group). The average annual income increase in the country accounted for 7.6 %.


Tomorrow, on 18 January, the Central Statistical Bureau will start the annual survey on the habits of computer and Internet usage of residents in 2017. The survey will provide information on the e-skills of the population, it will indicate for what purposes people use Internet on a daily basis and what type of devices and technologies are used the most.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Business Tendency; Employment and unemployment; Foreign trade.


During the year (in December 2016, compared to December 2015) the average level of consumer prices increased by 2.2 %. Prices of goods grew by 1.7 % and prices of services by 3.4 %.


Compared to October, in November 2016 Latvian foreign trade turnover at current prices decreased by 0.6 %, as the exports value of goods fell by 0.1 % and the imports value of goods dropped by 1.1 %. In November, Latvia exported goods in the amount of EUR 970.3 mln and imported goods in the amount of EUR 1.1 bln. 

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