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Due to international long-term migration the number of Latvian population in 2013 dropped by 14.3 thousand or 0.7%, which is by 2.4 thsd more than in 2012, when the number of population due to international long-term migration decreased by 11.9 thousand or by 0.6%.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Government finances; Employment and unemployment; Industry; Foreign trade.


In May 2014 compared to April exports value of goods at current prices reduced by 3.6%, but imports value of goods – by 5.0%. Foreign trade balance slightly improved as exports in total foreign trade value increased to 45.0%.


Compared to April, manufacturing turnover in May decreased by 3%. Compared to May 2013, turnover grew by 0.1%.


Compared to May, consumer prices in June 2014 rose by 0.3%. Compared to June 2013, the average consumer price level increased by 0.7%


New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Government finances; Health care and sport; Trade and services; Industry; Crop production; Livestock.


Compared to April, industrial production volume in May rose by 0.3%. Volume of industrial production rose by 4.2% on electricity and gas supply, but there was a reduction in manufacturing – by 0.7% and in mining and quarrying – by 3.1%.


Compared to April, the total retail trade turnover in May dropped by 3.0%. Retail trade in food products has remained the same, whereas of non-food products reduced by 5.0%.


Compared to April, construction costs in May increased by 0.1%. Compared to May 2013, average level of construction costs has not changed significantly.


New data have been published in sections: Natural resources; Population: Mortality; Population: Migration; Trade and services; Industry; Number of Enterprises; Forestry; Energy.

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