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Compared to December 2013, the average consumer price level in December 2014 rose by 0.2%. Prices of goods decreased by 0.9%, while prices of services grew by 3.3%. In 2013 consumer prices declined by 0.4%.


New data have been published in sections: Government finances; Gross domestic product; Trade and services; Industry; Foreign trade; Farm Structure Survey - data of survey 2013.


In November 2014 compared to the previous month exports value of goods at current prices dropped by 13.4%, and imports value of goods decreased by 5.7%. In November Latvia exported goods in the amount of 911.9 mln euros, and imported goods in the amount of 1 070.5 mln euros. Foreign trade balance worsened as exports in total foreign trade value declined to 46.0% (in October 2014 – 48.1%).


Compared to October manufacturing turnover in November declined by 0.8%. It was affected by export drop of 2.7% (of which in Eurozone - by 0.2%, and in Non-eurozone - by 5.6%). In turn, in domestic market turnover increased by 0.7%.


Compared to October industrial production volume (according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices) in November 2014 declined by 1.7%. 


Compared to October the total retail trade turnover in November 2014 rose by 1.3%. Retail trade in food products declined by 0.3%, whereas turnover of non-food products rose by 2.3%.


New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Population; Wages and salaries; Social security; Trade and services; Tourism; Foreign trade; Crop production; Livestock; Energy.


Compared to October, construction costs in Latvia in November 2014 increased by 0.2%. Level of labour remuneration of workers grew by 0.3%, prices of building materials – by 0.2%, maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment – by 0.1%.


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Consumer prices; Population: Number and Change; Wages and salaries; Tourism; Gross domestic product.


Central Statistical Bureau has finished current processing stage of data obtained in Population Census 2011 – ascription of housing addresses to geographic coordinates.

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