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In March CSB will launch annual survey on income and living conditions. The survey will be conducted from March till June and during this time period it has been envisaged to survey 8.5 thousand households.


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Consumer prices; Producer prices; Enterprises finance; Population; Trade and services; Housing.


In 2013 the number of visitors in hotels and other accommodation establishments comprised 1.8 mln people – increase of 11.8%, as compared to 2012. 3.8 mln nights spent in accommodation establishments which is increase of 6.4%.


Compared to December, producer prices in industry in January rose by 0.7%. Over a year increase comprised 0.6%.


In January 1800 babies were registered in the country – 70 newborns more than in January of 2013. Also decrease of mortality is observed.


Last year harvested production of grain reached 1.9 million tons which is 175.7 thsd tons or 8.3% less than in 2012. Yield of rape, potatoes and vegetables also decreased.


In 2013 Latvia exported goods in amount of 10.0 billion euros, but imported - in amount of 12.5 billion euros. As compared to 2012, the value of goods exported increased by 1.5%, but of goods imported – reduced by 0.2%.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Employment and unemployment; Personal income; Social security; Construction; Housing; Industry; Foreign trade.


In the 4th quarter active population of Latvia was comprised by 900.2 thsd people or 58.6% of country residents aged 15-74. The number of unemployed persons comprised 114.4 thousand, of which 20.5 thsd youth aged 15-24.


Last year construction witnessed stable growth. In 2013 construction volume was 1167.4 mln lats (1661 mln euros), of which in the 4th quarter - 366.7 mln lats (521.7 mln euros). Last year increase comprised 6.9%.

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