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Compared to May, in June 2016 the level of producer prices in Latvian industry increased by 0.2 %. The level of prices of products sold on the domestic market increased by 0.1 %, whereas the prices of exported products rose by 0.3 %. The level of producer prices of exports to euro area countries increased by 0.4 %, and the level of prices of exports to non-euro area countries grew by 0.3 %.


The number of births in Latvia has been increasing since 2011. The number of newborns registered during the first six months of 2016 – 10 943 children – is 224 babies or 2 % more than during the corresponding period of 2015.


Due to additional data processing the information for media regarding household consumption expenditure in 2015 will be published on 28 July, not 22 July, as it is scheduled in the press release calendar.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Producer prices; Tourism; Foreign trade; Structural Business Statistics.


In 2015, as compared to 2014, there was a decrease of 8.8 % in the amount of overnight trips of Latvian residents around Latvia, as well as abroad. The total expenditures on domestic trips dropped by 5.6 % and on trips abroad – by 5.5 %. Whereas the average expenditures per one trip around Latvia reached EUR 40.4 and per one trip abroad – EUR 360.0.


As compared to April, in May 2016 Latvian foreign trade turnover at current prices grew by 0.6 %, as the exports value of goods rose by 0.9 % and the imports value increased by 0.4 %. In May, Latvia exported goods in the amount of EUR 0.8 billion, and imported goods in the amount of one billion euros. The foreign trade balance improved, as exports in the total foreign trade value increased up to 45.6 % (in April 2016 – 45.5 %).


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Industry.


During the year (in June 2016, compared to June 2015) the average level of consumer prices decreased by 0.5 %. Prices of goods decreased by 1.2 %, while prices of services grew by 1.2 %.


Compared to May 2015, in May 2016 industrial production output increased by 5.1 % (according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices), of which in manufacturing – by 5.3 %, in electricity and gas supply – by 4.8 %, whereas in mining and quarrying there was a drop of 2.9 %.


New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Government finances; Business Tendency; Employment and unemployment; Wages and salaries; Education; Health care and sport; Trade and services; Industry; Enterprise groups; Tourism; Crop production; Livestock; Forestry; Energy.

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