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Compared with the 4th quarter of 2004, construction costs in Latvia in the 4th quarter of 2005 rose on average by 13.6%


The value of exports in November 2005 was 262.3 mln lats, an increase of 4.4 mln lats or 1.7% compared to the previous month and an increase of 64.2 mln lats or 32.4%, compared to November 2004.


The Central Statistical Bureau has been conducting a labour force survey of Latvia for already the 11th successive year striving to obtain information by interviewing households about the economic activity of the population of Latvia, that is, employment and unemployment, gender, age, education qualification of the population and the breakdown of the labour force by kind of economic activity and occupation.


Compared to November, consumer prices in December decreased by 0.1% (a decrease of 0.2% for goods and an increase of 0.2% for services).


Compared with November of the previous year, seasonally adjusted industrial production output in November 2005 increased by 7.0% (an increase of 43.7% in mining and quarrying, 10.1% in manufacturing and a decrease of 4.6% in electricity, gas and water supply), according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

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