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The value of exports in January 2006 was 217.7 mln lats, a decrease of 44.0 mln lats or 16.8% compared to the previous month and an increase of 28.7 mln lats or 15.2%, compared to January 2005.


In 2005, 60.1 mln tons of freight were carried by rail, an increase of 7.5% compared to 2004, according to the Central Statistical Bureau. Freight transportation by rail is carried out by three enterprises; of these one enterprise carries national and international freight while two enterprises carry only national freight.


The increase in production output in 2005 was on average higher than in 2004, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.


Compared to January of the previous year, industrial output according to seasonally adjusted data rose in January 2006 by 8.6% (15.7% in mining and quarrying, 5.8% in manufacturing and 17.7% in electricity, gas and water supply), according to the Central Statistical Bureau.


The average consumer price level in February 2006 rose by 0.4% in comparison with January 2006. Prices for goods increased by 0.4% and prices for services went up by 0.3%.


Mineral fertilisers were applied to 49.4% of all sown areas under agricultural crops in 2005, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.


Compared with 2004, the average yearly consumer prices in 2005 increased by 6.7% and the average monthly net wage in the country in this period rose by 17.0%. The increase in real wage4 was 9.7%.


Compared to December 2005, retail trade turnover at constant prices in January 2006 decreased by 24.4% but disregarding the effect of purchases around seasonal sales it has nevertheless increased by 1.0%.


In 2005, local governments provided flats to 3416 persons (of these, 1770 persons or 52% received flats with utilities), according to the Central Statistical Bureau. Compared with 2004, the number of flats allotted by local governments in 2005 decreased by 557 or 14%. Distribution of local government flats


Compared to 2004, the unit value (UV) in Latvia increased in 2005 on average by 10.3% for exported goods and 12.6% for imported goods, according to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

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