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At the end of 2013 agricultural holdings were breeding 406.5 thousand cattle - 13.4 thousand or 3.4% more than a year before. Number of pigs during the year increased by 12.3 thousand or 3.5%.


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Consumer prices; Producer prices; Population; Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours; Wages and salaries; Labour costs; Social security; Tourism; Transport; Foreign trade.


Compared to January, producer prices in industry in February 2014 rose by 0.1%. Over a year – increase of 1%.


1574 babies were registered in Latvia in February - 124 newborns more than year ago. In January and February altogether 3374 newborns. Mortality has slightly decreased.


Despite the fact that household monthly disposable income is gradually increasing, this growth cannot cover the daily costs indicated by households. In 2012 it was EUR 399 per month, in 2013 - EUR 431 per month.


There were 862.0 thousand occupied posts at the end of 2013, of which in private sector - 575.4 thsd and in public sector - 286.6 thsd; 3.7 thsd job vacancies


On March 17-18 study visit on carrying out Farm Structure Survey for experts from State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia and meeting of statisticians from three Baltic States regarding statistical issues in macroeconomics is taking place in the CSB.


Compared to 4th qtr 2012 hourly labour costs in the 4th quarter of 2013 grew by 34 cents or by 5.9%, reaching EUR 6.18 per hour.  


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Gross domestic product; Personal income; Wages and salaries; Education; Crime and justice; Industry.


In January Latvia exported goods in amount of 738.4 mln euros, but imported – in amount of 917.5 mln euros. Compared to December, exports value of goods at current prices reduced by 8.3%, but imports value of goods – by 6.8%. 

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