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General government budget deficit at the end of 2013 was 199.6 mln euro or 0.9% of GDP and general government consolidated gross debt – 8 875.9 mln euro or 38.2% of GDP


During the first nine months of 2014 mortality decline was observed in Latvia. During this period of time 21 155 deaths were registered in the country, which is 387 fewer than in the first nine months of 2013. 


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Producer prices.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Industry; Foreign trade.


In August 2014 compared to the previous month exports value of goods at current prices decreased by 4.4%, and imports value of goods – by 6.3%.


Compared to July manufacturing turnover in August according to seasonally adjusted data (at current prices) declined by 2.5%, of which  decrease of 2.5% both in domestic market and export (decline in Eurozone of 4.2%, while in Non-eurozone an increase of 2.0%).


Compared to September 2013 the average consumer price level in September 2014 rose by 1.0%. Prices of goods grew by 0.2%, and prices of services - by 3.4%.


Compared to July industrial production volume in August (according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices) declined by 0.2%; of which in mining and quarrying - a drop of 1.1%, in manufacturing - a growth of 0.1%, whereas in electricity and gas supply industrial production remained at the level of previous year.


New data have been published in sections: Gross domestic product; Business Tendency; Trade and services; Industry; Crop production; Livestock; Energy; ICT use in households;ICT use in enterprises.


Compared to July, the total retail trade turnover in August 2014 dropped by 0.2%. Retail trade in food products reduced by 0.9%, whereas of non-food products - rose by 0.3%.

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