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The purchase price reduction for most types of the round timber has stopped, and even slight growth can be observed.
Summarized data obtained in the result of survey is source of information on the situation in information society sector, and they will be used in order to plan opportunities of the use of Internet and development of related economic and social processes

Compared to January, construction costs in February 2010 on average increased by 0.1%.

Compared to January, total retail trade turnover in February 2010 has decreased by 0.9%, according to seasonally adjusted data (calculating at constant prices).
New data have been published in sections Prices; Employment and unemployment; Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours; Transport; Energy.
To compare the results of the surveys of 2008 and 2009, it may be concluded that the number of persons perceiving their health as good has grown, and in the meantime the number of persons perceiving their health condition as fair has reduced. ‘’Bad’’ and ‘’very bad’’ self-perceived health has changed slightly.
This will be the first Population and Housing Census after European Union (EU) accession. As a Member State of the EU Latvia should carry out the Population and Housing Census 2011 and compile information on previously agreed subjects.
In 2009 half of the total area of agricultural crops (50.4%) were treated with mineral fertilisers, of which 73% were cereals (in 2008 – 78%) and 74% (in 2008 – 94%) were areas of rape.
In April 2010 in Latvia Agricultural Census and Survey of Agricultural Production Methods will be started, which will be carried out in accordance with EU legislation. Agricultural Census will be carried out in all Member states of the European Union.
Totally 986.7 thsd persons (55.2% of the total number of population aged 15-74 years) in the country were employed.
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