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The compiled data witness that in previous year in the result of long-term migration the number of population in Latvia decreased by 2 542 persons which is more than in 2007 when number of Latvian population decreased by 642 persons due to this reason.
Due to processing of additional data the press release will be published on April 27.
Compared to February producer prices in Latvia’s industry in March 2009 decreased by 1.6%. Over the year (compared to March 2008) producer prices have increased by 1.5%.
New data in sections Personal income, Public order and justine, Prices, Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours, Geographical data have been published.
The general government budget deficit in 2008 reached 645.4 mln lats or 4.0% of Gross Domestic Product.
New data in sections Social security, Transport, Indicators of Banks, Tourism, Inhabitants and Social Processes, Information technologies, Wages and salaries, Education, Foreign Trade, Public order and justice, Prices, Industry have been published.
In February 2009 the total foreign trade turnover at current prices reached 646.9 mln lats – more by 1.1% or 7.2 mln lats than a month before and less by 35.9% or 361.5 mln lats than in February last year.

Compared to January construction costs in February of this year on average decreased by 3.2%.

The rise in the prices of medical services, wearing appeal and footwear, fuel, as well as price decrease of food products had the greatest impact on consumer price changes.
In the 4th quarter of 2008 the number of trips for recreational purposes comprised 3493.2 thsd, of which 2710.4 thsd were same-day trips without staying overnight and 782.8 thsd were long trips with staying overnight.
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