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New data in sections Labour costs, Prices, Energy, General Agricultural Indicators, Environmental protectionhave been published.

In the framework of the visit a meeting with the management and directors of departments of CSB, as well as with representatives of the Ministry of Economics and the Bank of Latvia is planned in order to inform on the updates and planned activities of Eurostat and to discuss current issues essential for the development of European Statistical System.

Compared to May 2009, producer prices in Latvian industry in June 2009 decreased by 1.7%. Over the year (compared to June 2008) producer prices have decreased by 7.8%.
New data in sections Prices, Personal income, Indicators of Banks, Labour costs, Health care and sport have been published.
The increase of average age of Latvian population confirms aging trend of population in our country. Age increase can be explained both with the low birth, and with the increase of average lifespan.
Generally on average in all households such main expenses as costs on food, housing and public utilities, transport, clothing and footwear, and health constituted two thirds (65%) of total consumption expenditure.
In May 2009, compared to April 2009 manufacturing turnover has decreased by 4.1%, according to seasonally adjusted data (calculating at current prices).

Forest thinning costs in Latvia in 2008, depending on the group of forest land quality, constituted LVL 65 to 72 per ha.

New data in sections Indicators of Banks, Trade and services, Industry, Tourism, Prices, Investment, Foreign trade have been published.

Compared to April, construction costs in May of this year reduced on average by 1.1%. Most rapid reduction of construction costs was recorded in construction of underground main pipelines, as well as in the reconstruction and construction of industrial, agricultural and trade buildings – 2.1%.

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