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In May 2009, compared to April 2009 manufacturing turnover has decreased by 4.1%, according to seasonally adjusted data (calculating at current prices).

Forest thinning costs in Latvia in 2008, depending on the group of forest land quality, constituted LVL 65 to 72 per ha.

New data in sections Indicators of Banks, Trade and services, Industry, Tourism, Prices, Investment, Foreign trade have been published.

Compared to April, construction costs in May of this year reduced on average by 1.1%. Most rapid reduction of construction costs was recorded in construction of underground main pipelines, as well as in the reconstruction and construction of industrial, agricultural and trade buildings – 2.1%.

In May 2009 the total foreign trade turnover at current prices reached 618.3 mln lats – less by 4.2% or 27.1 mln lats than a month before and less by 38.5% or 387.6 mln lats than in May last year.
Compared to June of previous year, consumer prices have increased by 3.4%, of which prices of goods increased by 2.0%, but of services – by 7.1%.
During the 1st quarter of 2009 the number of recreational trips with overnight stays comprised 572.9 thsd, and it is 4.4% more than in the 1st quarter of 2008.
New data in sections Crop Production, Livestock, Tourism, Trade and services, Population, Government finances and Wages and salaries have been published.
Compared to April 2009 industrial production volume in May 2009 has reduced by 4 %, according to seasonally adjusted data.
Compared to April total retail trade turnover in May of this year has increased by 0.9%, according to seasonally adjusted data (calculating at constant prices).
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