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In January 2009 93% of enterprises used computer in business activities, but the Internet was used by 86% of enterprises.

New data have been published in sections Foreign trade and Industry.

In 2008 general government budget deficit reached 672.4 mln lats or 4.1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the general government debt was 3181.4 mln lats or 19.5% of GDP.

In 2009 Internet was available to 58% of households which is more by 5 percentage points than in 2008.

Compared to July 2009 manufacturing turnover at current prices (according to seasonally adjusted data) in August 2009 has increased by 2.1%, of which in domestic market - by 0.6% and in exports - by 4%.
New data have been published in sections Prices and Government finances.
In August 2009 the total foreign trade turnover at current prices reached 627.1 mln lats – more by 1.9% or 11.4 mln lats than a month before and less by 36.4% or 358.9 mln lats than in August last year, according to provisional data.
Compared to September of previous year consumer prices in September of this year grew by 0.5%.
Latvian population used recreational options in Latvia more actively because the number of overnight trips abroad has decreased by 16%.
New data have been published in sections Population and Trade and Services.
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