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New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Business Tendency; Enterprises finance; Population; Culture; Health care and sport; Trade and services; Crop production; Livestock; Energy.


Compared to April, total retail trade turnover in May 2012 has rown by 2.1%


Compared to April, construction costs in May 2012 increased on average by 1.3%


New data have been published in sections: Producer prices; Indicators of banks; Population; Tourism; Population census.


Compared to April, the overall level of producer prices in the Latvian industry in May 2012 increased by 0.4%


New data have been published in sections: Geographical data; Consumer prices; Population; Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours; Personal income; Labour costs; Education; Industry; Foreign trade; Monetary poverty and income inequality.


The total foreign trade turnover at current prices in April 2012 comprised LVL 1190.1 million – 4.2% or LVL 52.5 million less than month ago and 11.9% or LVL 126.6 million more than in April 2011.


Compared to April 2011, manufacturing turnover in April 2012, according to calendar adjusted data, increased by 11.6%, of which in domestic market by 8.1% and in export – by 14.8%.


New data have been published in sections: Consumer prices; Producer prices; Gross domestic product; Enterprises finance; Investment; Wages and salaries; Industry; Livestock; Environmental protection; Energy; Population census; Energy consumption in households.

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