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New data in sections Gross domestic product, Indicators of banks, Industry, Foreign trade have been published.
Total foreign trade turnover at current prices in November 2008 reached 831.7 mln lats – less by 204.6 mln lats or 19.7% than a month before and less by 214.5 mln lats or 20.5% than in November last year.
Compared to October industrial production output in November 2008, except steam and water supply, has decreased by 3.1%.
Compared to corresponding period of 2007, the number of travellers in recreational trips around Latvia in the 3rd quarter of 2008 has reduced by 0.3%. But the number of travellers in business trips has decreased by 4.6%.
New data in sections Tourism, Energy, Agriculture, Population, Prices, Trade and services have been published.
Compared to October 2008 retail trade turnover in November of this year has decreased by 0.4%.
New data in sections Geographical data, Indicators of Banks have been published.
Compared to October, producer prices in Latvian industry in November 2008 decreased by 1.5%.
At the end of 2008 number of Latvia population will comprise 2 million and 261 thousand or 9.5 thousand less than at the beginning of the year, according to statistical data.Number of newborn this year will exceed 24 thousand and will be 1.1 thousand higher than a year ago.
New data in sections Prices, Trade and services, Foreign trade, Gross domestic product, Occupied posts and job vacancies, paid working hours, Personal income, Labour costs, Industry have been published.
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