Quality Guidelines

Quality policy and objectives of the Central Statistical Bureau (hereinafter - CSB) were set in 2013, simultaneously with the implementation of the Quality Management System. The quality objectives are reviewed annually.

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Quality guidelines of the CSB is an informative document describing the CSB and the main aspects of its activity: stages, methods and organizational principles of producing the national statistics, policy of data protection and dissemination. The objective of these Guidelines is to promote the implementation of the CSB’s operational strategy by involving in this process every employee of the CSB, developing the communication with society and extending the knowledge of every interested person – respondent, data user and all society – about the activity of CSB.
Section 1 of this document reflects the organizational structure of the CSB and legal aspects of its activity, and Section 2 describes quality characteristics and lists key legislation. Section 3 describes process of producing statistical data: starting with identification of data request and elaboration of data collection project, then continuing with methods of data collection, processing and analyzing, and finishing with data publication. Section 4 reveals to the reader types of data dissemination, while Section 5 sets out measures of data protection, administrative, technical and organizational measures. Section 6 comprises the policy of data revision that explains reasons for changing the statistical data that have been previously published. Section 7 reflects the dialogue between the CSB and society, and data users.

Translation of the CSB Quality Guidelines updated version is not yet available.

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