The value of statistical data lies within the timeliness of acquisition and data accuracy, which very often are two conflicting concepts – users are interested in obtaining data as soon as possible even before the information required for calculations is available at the expected level of detail. Therefore already published data are often revised, receiving previously not available information or correcting errors that have occurred during the process of calculation or detected verifying the received information more carefully.

Revision is review of any published statistical data, regardless of the fact, whether the data are distributed electronically (in publicly available data bases or in press releases of the Central Statistical Bureau (hereinafter – the CSB) or in printed form (CSB publications)).

Revision policy is an important component of good governance practice addressed  more and more often in the international statistical society.The objective of the Revision policy is to lay down the order of review or revision of the prepared and published data.

The first chapter of the present document explains the terms applied in the Revision policy, the second chapter characterises shortly the CSB revision policy, whereas the third chapter stipulates the revision cycle of the statistical data prepared by the CSB.

The information in the second and third chapter is structured in line with the data arrangement in the CSB Internet data bases.

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