Commodity export and import – monthly data

Publication time:

40th day after reference month

Publication volume:

Data on the Latvian foreign trade are published collecting information on trade with the EU member states and third countries in breakdown by country group, most important trade partner and Combined Nomenclature section.

Data are published:

Press release in the CSB web site

Monthly bulletin of Latvian statistics

Quarterly informative analytical publication on foreign trade

In the data bases in the CSB web site

Further revisions:



1st revision – after 3 months, publishing data for the current month

2nd revision  - depending from the collected data volume, but no later than in July of the following reporting year


Previously published time series (for the last 12 months)

Reasons for revision

Data revision is necessary with increase in the response rate level as well as detecting data errors and inaccuracies.  Revision sources are INTRASTAT reports, recalculation for not-responded enterprises and for enterprises, trade volume of which does not exceed threshold, as well as correction to the customs cargo declarations.