Programme "Production of statistical information for the new EU initiatives"

 Annual report 2015 


European Social Fund project

Having established cooperation with the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, the Ministry of Education and Science is implementing the European Social Fund project No. “Participation in International Research on Education”. The aim of the project is to facilitate participation in international research on education and support studies carried out by international organisations for developing education policies, as well as for drawing up guidelines and assessing the impact thereof.

The Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia is taking part in the OECD SCDH (Survey on the Careers of Doctorate Holders) within the framework of the project, making it possible to acquire internationally comparable information on doctorate holders in Latvia (up to the age of 69) who have received their doctoral degrees (Level 8 of the International Standard Classification of Education ISCED 2011) in Latvia or abroad. The survey will provide information on the career growth of doctorate holders, their scientific work, mobility, economic activity, income etc., and there will be a report on the results of the survey.